New 'Dexter' Trailer Provides a Sneak Peek at the 'New Blood' Revival Series

Showtime has shared a new sneak peek trailer for season one of Dexter: New Blood.

The visual provides a look at the overarching plot, which is based on Jeff Lindsay’s novels, and what is in store for Michael C. Hall‘s titular character. The revival show picks up 10 years after the finale of the inaugural series, in which Dexter faked his death and moved to a small New York town under an alias in an attempt to quell his serial killer temptations.

“Set 10 years after Dexter went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, the series finds him living under an assumed name in the small town of Iron Lake, New York,” the official synopsis reads. “Dexter may be embracing his new life, but in the wake of unexpected events in this close-knit community, his Dark Passenger beckons.”

Clyde Phillips has returned as showrunner for New Blood, after leading the original four seasons of Dexter. Hall returns in the titular lead role alongside Dexter veteran Jennifer Carpenter and newcomers Julia Jones, Johnny Sequoyah, Alano Miller, Clancy Brown and Jamie Chung.

Dexter: New Blood is currently airing on Showtime on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Watch the sneak peek trailer above.

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