Padre Gallery to Host a Promising New Group Exhibition Titled “In Bloom”

New York’s Padre Gallery is set to unveil a new group show, entitled, “In Bloom.” The exhibition centers around the themes of growth, process, and self-identity amongst a promising cast of upcoming and established artists.

The exhibition is curated by Roosi, a South East Asian art collective that seeks to dismantle the traditional barriers of entry into the art world. “In Bloom” is referential to a flower’s life, where according to a statement by the gallery, “Oftentimes flowers are adored for their appearance when they’re fully blossomed, and rarely when they are in the process of reaching their final stage.”

The exhibition plays along this trajectory — highlighting a number of artists in their phase of uninterrupted experimentation. Figures like former rapper-turned-artist, Jahlil Nzinga or DREAMHAUS LA co-founder, Nikkolos Mohammed and Maceo Eagle.

“In Bloom” will be on view at Padre Gallery from September 18 to October 12. You can find the full list of artists exhibiting below.

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Padre Gallery
60 E 80th St,
New York, NY 10075

Participating Artists

Alfonso Gonzalez

Jahlil Nzinga

Nikkolos Mohammed

Eri Wakiyama

Mike Reesé

Maceo Eagle

Sam Sundos

Gogy Esparza

Nihura Montiel

Kyle Reyes

Brent Owens

Walid Shaharul

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