Play TV "Would You Rather" And We'll Guess If You're Millennial Or Gen Z

  1. Via NBC

    Central Perk from FriendsVia NBC

    Via Fox

    Frozen Banana Stand from Arrested DevelopmentVia Fox

  2. Via Netflix

    Stars Hollow from Gilmore GirlsVia Netflix

    Via The CW

    RiverdaleVia The CW

  3. Via Fox

    The Foreman’s Basement from That 70s ShowVia Fox

    Via CBS

    MacLaren’s Pub from How I Met Your MotherVia CBS

  4. Via CBS

    Max’s Homemade Cupcakes from Two Broke GirlsVia CBS

    Via Netflix

    Scoops Ahoy from Stranger ThingsVia Netflix

  5. Via NBC

    Michael Scott from The OfficeVia NBC

    Via NBC

    Leslie Knope from Parks and RecVia NBC

  6. Via Fox

    Glee ClubVia Fox

    Via The CW

    The River VixensVia The CW

  7. Via CBS

    Emily Prentiss of Criminal MindsVia CBS

    Via Fox

    Jake Peralta of Brooklyn Nine-NineVia Fox

  8. Via Netflix

    Eleven of Stranger ThingsVia Netflix

    Via The CW

    The FlashVia The CW

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