Police Called Over 'Scream VI' Ghostface Sightings Across the U.S.

According to reports, Paramount Pictures recently launched a viral marketing campaign to promote Scream VI. Building on the iconic genre-blending slasher horror franchise created by Wes Craven nearly 30 years ago, Ghostface figures have been showing up across the United States.

Cities like Sonoma, New Orleans, and St. Louis have been hit with sightings of the notorious slasher from the franchise. Concerned citizens that spotted Ghostface promptly reported the sightings of the costumed killer to local police causing hysteria in the cities.

Paramount has also opened up an official Twitter account for the campaign, sharing photos around the United States of Ghostface with captions like “I was just minding my business” and “I’m watching you.”

Take a look at the campaign below and look for Scream VI to hit theaters March 10.

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