Project Power Is Just a Peek at Chika's Musical Genius — Tune In to Her Greatest Hits So Far

Project Power Is Just a Peek at Chika’s Musical Genius — Tune In to Her Greatest Hits So Far

Chika Oranika is only 23 years old, but her musical prowess is on par with rappers who have been in the game for decades. Hailing from Montgomery, AL, the rapper goes against the grain of what people think mainstream hip-hop should be, though she advocates for a return to the old-school vibes of the genre. In 2019, she told Time that she had only begun seriously rapping in recent years, but her mesh of poetry and witty lyricism is a gift that some hip-hop veterans can only aspire to.

Though she’s gone viral for her political freestyles — the most notable one addresses Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump over the beat of his popular hit “Jesus Walks” — but her music is more than call-outs and comebacks; Chika often uses her music to send out socially conscious messages to her fans that address all facets of identity and self-love, including body positivity, sexuality, reproductive rights, and LGBTQ+ experiences. There’s a nakedness and a vulnerability to her music that’s both overwhelming and cathartic to experience. Though fans never really know the artists they listen to, Chika’s raw music and candidness on social media feel as close to knowing her as we’ll ever get.

If you’ve never listened to her music, ahead are six songs to get you into the Chika fan club. From her recent hit on Netflix’s Project Power to the singles she released before her EP, Industry Games, these are some of Chika’s greatest hits so far.

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