Reign the Lands Between as Darth Vader With New 'Elden Ring' Mod

If you’ve finished fighting Thomas the Tank Engine in the Lands Between and are looking for something new to do in Elden Ring, a new mod will now let you reign in terror as none other than Darth Vader himself just in time for Star Wars month. Created by modders drs2 and Xelerate, the new mod for FromSoftware‘s massively popular open-world action RPG allows you to transform your character into the infamous Sith Lord.

The mod essentially changes the skin for the game’s confessor armor, allowing you to gear up with Vader’s helmet, suit, boots and cape. Thanks to Xelerate, you’ll also be able to complete the entire look with his red lightsaber as well, which comes impeccably made with full lighting effects too. You can check out the full character model in action against Godrick the Grafted in the clip up above.

For fans of Elden Ring and Star Wars who wish to try this out for themselves, you can head over to Nexus Mods to find both Darth Vader’s suit and lightsaber.

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