Renowned Architect Frank Gehry Unveils Suspended Fish Sculptures at Gagosian Beverly Hills

From the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain to the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris and new performance venues in downtown Los Angeles, Frank Gehry has amassed plenty of iconic structure designs in his architecture practice. The esteemed architect is also a longstanding sculptor, creating intricate forms out of metals and industrial materials that draw similarities with his sprawling, surrealist buildings located across the globe.

A pioneer of “deconstructivism,” Gehry’s fluid and non-rectilinear take on establishments is channeled through his art objects that draw inspiration from nature and the animal world. One of his ongoing series of sculptures is called Fish Lamps with the interdisciplinary artist realizing twisting, suspended pieces of fish in dynamic poses. “When I built the first model of the fish, I saw in it the movement that I was looking for. It was startling that a static object could express motion in such a dynamic way,” Gehry said to Gagosian in a statement.

Gehry will soon launch his eighth exhibition with Gagosian at the gallery’s Beverly Hills output. Entitled “Spinning Tales,” the presentation will feature a varied selection of experimental sculptures. Highlighted works include his Easy Edges (1969-73) and Experiemental Edges (1979-82) pieces that feature chairs and tables made from layers of corrugated cardboard alongside bentwood furniture items designed for Knoll. Moreover, Gehry will display his overlapping woven steel “tapestries” that convey trees in a forest environment.

Head to Gagosian’s website for more information. “Spinning Tales” will go on view from June 24 until August 7.

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Gagosian Beverly Hills
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