Resellers Discover $100,000 USD-Worth of Retro Video Games in a Room That Was Sealed for 20 Years

Cheap Finds Gold Mines has just discovered a treasure trove of over $100,000 USD-worth of retro video games.

Venturing into a home that was set to be sold after the owner fell ill in 2019, they opened a room that had been closed off for 20 years. The sight of the filthy room would have been enough to deter many bargain hunters but not Cheap Finds Gold Mines, as their tenacity paid off when they laded on a huge box of sealed video games.

From GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox 360 games, to even Blockbuster VHS tapes, the team passed through cockroaches, rats, and spiders for a total haul upwards of $100,000 USD. The $100,00 USD was eventually split between eight other resellers where Cheap Finds Gold Mines pocketed $20,000 USD. Most of the sealed games will be sent off for WATA grading.

Kotaku‘s interview with the team revealed that the house was set to be demolished and that the former homeowner went through some kind of trauma after losing a loved one which set him on a path of collecting things dear to him — mainly video games.

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