Rivian and Snow Peak Combine For the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Rivian’s R1T electric truck is the future of off-road exploration. Boasting two e-motors on each axle and more horsepower than a Ferrari F8, the eco-friendly SUV’s most novel feature, the gear tunnel, is hidden well out of sight.

Designed in collaboration with Japanese outdoor enthusiasts Snow Peak, the stowaway contraption sits between the rear seats and the bed and pulls out to create a unique outside camping kitchen. Comprising a two-burner cooktop, four-gallon water tank, collapsible sink and full titanium Snow Peak cookware set, the three-piece design is both functional and easy on the eye.

What’s more, the tunnel can be upgraded, as well as easily removed and stored elsewhere when the tunnel space is needed for additional storage or other applications too.

Find out more about Rivian’s R1T and its collaborative Snow Peak gear tunnel via the brand’s online webstore.

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