Sideswipe: December 13: The Naked Truth in Whakatane

Death pod

An assisted suicide pod has now been cleared for use in Switzerland. Assisted suicide was already legal in Switzerland, with ingestion of liquid sodium pentobarbital being the method currently used. The Sarco, commonly referred to as a booth, pod, or capsule, can be towed around easily. Once inside, the person wishing to die lies in a comfortable position and answers a series of questions. At that point, they can activate the device when the time is right. “The capsule is sitting on a piece of equipment that will flood the interior with nitrogen, rapidly reducing the oxygen level to 1% from 21% in about 30 seconds,” explains Dr. Philip Nitschke of the Exit International nonprofit. “The person will feel a little disoriented and may feel slightly euphoric before they lose consciousness. Death takes place through hypoxia and hypocapnia, oxygen and carbon dioxide deprivation, respectively. There is no panic, no choking feeling.” Per Gizmodo, the device is quite controversial, with critics pointing out that palliative care has come a long way, and questioning whether the Sarco is ethical.

It used to be easy to get a license

Kevin writes: “Aged 16 no license. Buy a Suzuki 185. Persisting down with sky water. On my way to cop shop do front wheel fall on white line. Turn up grazed and broken mirror. Cop tells me turn left here right there. I will follow in car. Forgot directions so just mucked around for 15 minutes. Back at the station officer still enjoying nice hot cuppa. Did you indicate going round the corners. Yes, I lied. Wrote out my full license. Still alive after 10 bikes.”

Bad real estate photos

Blunt barista

Bev writes: “On our way back to Bethlehem today we stopped at our favourite cafe in Whangamata for lunch. Has delicious food and great coffee. On reading the receipt we didn’t know whether to be offended or laugh. Fortunately, we have a sense of humour and thought it very funny. We sat in the CY (courtyard) and yes, we are retired but don’t consider ourselves that old!! I won’t name and shame the cafe as they are lovely people and the young man who was on reception was either late teen/early 20’s so we probably did look old to him.”

Death not theft

There could be another explanation other than a persistent Iris picker that was concerning Graham of Grey Lynn.”I could be wrong but these look like Day Lilies not Irises,” writes Julie Pearce. “Day Lilly flowers only last for a day before dying, could be that they have died not stolen.”

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