Sideswipe: December 17: Separated at birth

Tobacco And asbestos in a cigarette

In 1952, in response to growing concerns about the safety of cigarettes, the Lorillard Tobacco Company introduced Kent cigarettes, boasting that they contained a “Micronite filter” developed by “researchers in atomic energy plants”. Turned out that the key ingredient in the filter was asbestos. From Wikipedia: “Kent widely touted its “famous micronite filter” and promised consumers the “greatest health protection in history”. Sales of Kent skyrocketed, and it has been estimated that in Kent’s first four years on the market, Lorillard sold some 13 billion Kent cigarettes. From March 1952 until at least May 1956, however, the Micronite filter in Kent cigarettes contained compressed carcinogenic blue asbestos within the crimped crepe paper. It has been suspected that many cases of mesothelioma have been caused specifically by smoking the original Kent cigarettes.”

Map of procrastination (for women)

Bereaved families tell it like it is

Families of some who perished have written pointedly about the virus in death notices. The obituary of Shirley Rowe, a 67-year-old Michigan resident, said that she had fought for her life after contracting the virus, but her body was overpowered by Covid-19. Ms. Rowe was a loving grandmother and the life of every party, her family said, and believed she caught the coronavirus from a guest at her home. “It is our family’s firm belief that she would still be here if restrictions hadn’t been lifted so soon for society, and the person that gave her the virus would have taken precautions more seriously,” they wrote. “This is not how my mom’s story should have ended.” (New York Times)

How to tell me you're a woman without telling me you're a woman…

1. My assertiveness at work is called ‘that time of the month’.
2. “You’ll change your mind about having kids”.
3. I am expected to remember all birthdays and anniversaries.
4. Please cut the cake and distribute – team celebrations.
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