Simon Demeuter Resurrects Roman Gladiators Through Vibrant Hits of Color

Simon Demeuter is a Belgian artist whose aesthetic is driven by evocative colors and simplification of form. The artist frequently creates an entire series of work from mundane objects and fleeting memories. One such case can be observed in his new exhibition, “ROMA 1997,” at L21 gallery in Palma, Spain.

Like many travelers at some stage in their life, Demeuter traversed the ancient cobbled roads of Rome — basking in the history, architecture, and decay — until he found himself in the extravagant halls of Villa Borghese. There he looked down at the mosaic floors to see sleeping gladiators forever frozen in the confines of the tiles. In “ROMA 1997,” Demeuter has resurrected these ancient warriors in all their virility through a set of folkloric paintings that fluctuate between simplified forms to an Impressionist use of color and gesture.

Located at Mallorca’s capital city of Palma, L21 has been exhibiting emerging national artists and experimentation with new exhibition formats since 2012. “ROMA 1997” is on view until November 3.

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L21 Gallery
Carrer Gremi de Ferrers,
25, 07009 Palma,
Illes Balears, Spain
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