TDE President Punch Henderson Unveils New Collective, A Room Full of Mirrors

TDE President Terrence “Punch” Henderson has unveiled his newest hip-hop collective, A Room Full of Mirrors.

Comprised of Punch, Daylyt, Nick Grant, Lyric Michelle, Ichiban Don, Billymaree, Jrias Law, Earlee Riser and producer Hari, the exec told Billboard that A Room Full of Mirrors was formed while he was working on his solo album around the time they finished SZA‘s CTRL Tour:

“I started finishing my album, and then some of the artists that are part of the collective had just started coming around. I knew all of them individually — so they would hang out, listen to the music, and some of them would add stuff to it. Then everybody started crossing paths within those sessions. It was to a point where my album was done and we was just in the studio. So I decided to record a song to see how it would come out with everybody on it.”

The group is set to release their visual EP Money Bags on December 3, and is inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. “We all do different things outside of music, on the film side. It’s always interesting, because we approach it differently than a normal rap collective would — but the idea and the concept [for the film] was that I always wanted to do what happened before the robbery in [Quentin Tarantino’s film] Reservoir Dogs, and what could have possibly happened after,” Punch explained.

In addition to the launch of A Room Full of Mirrors, Punch briefly touched on the future of TDE and Kendrick Lamar, who is creating his final album for the label:

“It’s a great thing, because he’s been signed to us for almost 20 years and we took it to heights to where he got a Pulitzer Prize. So it’s like, where do you really go at this point? He came in as a young man, and now he’s a grown man — and he has his own vision, his own dreams, and he has stuff that he wants to create. So that’s what he’s doing now. It’s how it’s supposed to be.

I think we paint it in our culture as a bad thing, but you raise your children to leave the nest so they can create their own and that’s how you continue. As far as the TDE side, we still doing what we do. We bringing in and developing new artists as we speak, and going to release [new projects]. So everything is positive and moving forward.”

A Room Full of Mirrors’ Money Bags drops December 3.

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