The Chainsmokers’ 'Festival Tycoon' is the Number 1 Branded Music Experience on 'Roblox'

Earlier in September, Grammy Award-Winning duo The Chainsmokers unveiled an immersive music experience on Roblox called Festival Tycoon — the first-ever artist-themed experience in the metaverse. The Chainsmokers Concert Experience celebrated the launch of Festival Tycoon and became the all-time, highest-rated concert performance in the history of the Roblox platform. The concert, developed in partnership with Gamefam, included a virtual set including singles from the duo’s latest album, So Far So Good.

The Chainsmokers Concert Experience is now the highest-rated concert performance in the history of the Roblox platform, receiving an 84.5% player rating — the highest on Roblox in terms of fan rating and approval. Fronted by Gamefam, Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment — the most-liked concert experience amongst Roblox players in the history of the platform follows the success of Gamefam’s 24KGoldn Concert Experience, the second highest-rated concert experience on Roblox

With more critically acclaimed artists and brands looking to engage with new audiences in the metaverse, Gamefam’s immersive offerings push the boundaries of fandom and connectivity. Since its launch following The Chainsmokers Concert Experience, Festival Tycoon has amassed over 20 million visits and an overall player rating of 91.6% — with average playtime exceeding 16 minutes per gameplay session. With both the number one and number two highest rated concert experiences on the Roblox platform, Gamefam is quickly building a reputation for consistently developing and launching games that players love.

Visit Gamefam’s official website to learn more about the game developer and its aim to create the next generation of gaming on Roblox. Read more about Festival Tycoon here.
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