'The Conjuring 4' Production Confirmed

Creator of The Conjuring universe, James Wan, who released The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, the third movie of the franchise last year has confirmed that another sequel is in production. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema is currently preparing for the production of The Conjuring 4, which will be scribed by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who also wrote the screenplay for the second and third movies. James Wan and Peter Safran will return to co-produce the movie. On top of that, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are also to reprise their roles as the demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

As to which case will The Conjuring 4  tap into, details are yet to be confirmed. Please stay tuned for more updates. 

In other news, Adam Driver is rumored for Mr. Fantastic or Doctor Doom in the next Fantastic Four movie.
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