The First Major Update for 'Monster Hunter Rise' Is Now Online

After releasing several teasers in the past weeks, Monster Hunter Rise‘s first major update is finally online.

Patch Ver. 2.0.0 will take up roughly 0.9GB of storage and introduce a whole new roster of standard and apex monsters while bringing back some of the most iconic foes from previous titles, including the crafty Chameleos and a host of Elder Dragons. The hunter rank cap will be raised once you’ve met “certain conditions,” as well as a new level cap of 50 for both your Palico and Palamute. Accompanying these level changes are new weapon trees, skills, Rampage sills, decorations, layered armor and armor upgrades, and Petalaces, all of which will be accompanied by fresh Hub, Village, and Rampage quests. Of course, the patch will also fix a handful of pre-existing bugs too.

For the full, detailed list of changes brought by the new update, you can head over to the game’s website.

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