The Marsien is a Futuristic Rally-Inspired Porsche 992 Turbo S

This Marsien supercar was conceptualized by Marc Philipp Gemballa, the 27-year-old son of late German tuner Uwe Gemballa, responsible for visually stunning and record-breaking road cars. The Marc Philipp Gemballa GmbH venture, however, isn’t associated with the Gemballa brand. The Marsien is the first offering from Marc Philipp who has launched his own start-up following his father’s footsteps.

The name “Marsien” is French for “Martian”, as the vehicle looked like it was roaming the surface of the Red Planet when testing on the red sands in the Al Faya desert of the UAE. The modified Porsche 992 Turbo S is a blend between modern-day hypercar performance, off-road capabilities, and daily practicality, resulting in the ultimate driving experience with the latest technologies on all terrains.

Though Marc Phillip believes “the horsepower game is over,” the Marsien is just as fast as most supercars. The company claims 62 mph in 2.6 seconds, and a top speed of 205 mph. The base twin-turbo flat-six engine makes 740hp, and selective customers are given the option to turn it up to 830 hp. An Akrapovic exhaust system is added for a signature roar.

Working with KW Automotive, Marc Philipp Gemballa developed a suspension system that raises the car up to 10 inches from its stock height. The sports car has also been remapped to include Gravel, Mud, Sand, and Snow modes, and two sets of Michelin High-Performance tires are provided for both on-road and off-road use.

The car body went through intensive aerodynamics analysis courtesy of KLK, and is made entirely of carbon fiber. A bare carbon option is offered if you want to show it off. Otherwise, the brand says it can fulfill any customer request for exterior paintwork. Inside, the interior inspired by the Carrera GT, styled in suede and carbon fiber with “Project Sandbox” kickplates.

All this style and performance comes at a hefty price tag. Only 40 units of the Marsien will be produced at a base cost of around €495,000 GBP ($685,000 USD), and customers will need to bring their own Porsche 992-generation 911 Turbo S for the conversion treatment. Car fans are currently split between picking this modern wonder or Singer’s ACS.

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