The Weeknd Confronts His Older Self in New "Gasoline" Music Video

Four days removed from dropping his highly-anticipated fifth studio album Dawn FM, The Weeknd is continuing his promotional initiatives by dropping his latest music video for “Gasoline.” The track is another pop-focused and upbeat number that has production assistance from Matt Cohn, Max Martin and Oscar Holter, and the accompanying video — directed by Matilda Finn — exhibits the Toronto artist navigating his way through a creepy dance club.

The nearly five minute clip opens up with ants crawling creepily around The Weeknd’s earphone-plugged ears as he drives through recklessly through a storm and eventually crashes into a do not enter sign. In similar fashion to the “Sacrifice” video, the scene transitions into a dark and deranged dance party where the pop crooner encounters his older self and various people that shape shift from normal humans dancing at a night club to zombie-like beings. Towards the latter half of the clip, he gets into a brutal fight with the elderly variation of himself, beats him down until his face is bruised and bleeding and smirks.

You can view the entire video above.

In case you missed it, the Toronto-born artist has hinted at a new album trilogy.
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