Twice singer Mina and Momoland singer Yeonwoo both hit with anxiety disorder

First, it was Twice singer Mina who had to take time out to battle her ailment.

Her agency said in July that she was suffering from extreme anxiety and insecurity while performing on stage, and had to opt out of the South Korean girl group’s world tour.

There was talk that Mina, 22, who is Japanese, was targeted by South Korean fans amid the current bickering between the two countries over economic issues.

Now comes word that girl group Momoland’s Yeonwoo is also afflicted with panic disorder.

The Koreaboo portal cited her agency as saying the 23-year-old was getting treatment before she started work on shooting her tvN drama Cheap Chunrima Mart.

There was talk that Yeonwoo had left the group after she kept a low profile in recent months. Her agency clarified that she was involved in a TV drama.

But the allkpop portal said she had to reject a role in a drama called Mung Bean Chronicles because she was affected by negative talk on the Internet about her.

As for Mina, her agency said this week that it would work with her and other group members on the best options for her going forward.

But she has the full support of the group.

At an awards show on Aug 1, Twice member Jihyo said: “Although there are eight of us today, Mina will come back soon and we’ll return as an even better, cooler and prettier Twice together with all nine of us.”

The health of celebrities in the competitive world of Korean entertainment is a cause for concern among fans who have blasted their agencies for not taking adequate care of their artists.

In May, Goo Ha-ra, 28, a former member of South Korean girl group Kara, was found unconscious in her home and had to be warded.

She had posted messages that dwelled on betrayal and self-doubt.

She is now back on her feet and promoting her career again.

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