11 Carefree Black Girls On Roller Skates To Follow On Instagram

While the presence of rollerskating rinks has certainly decreased over the years (The United Skates is a great documentary from HBO about that), the practice of skating never really went away, and in fact, has increased in popularity. The pandemic helped, with people looking to get out and get moving in a safe and fun way, and so did social media. TikTok and Instagram showcased a number of people getting their roll on to some great tunes, looking their happiest as they enjoyed the activity. We found ourselves following a lot of them, particularly Black women of course, who have served Black girl magic, whether in rinks, bowls (as in a skating park where people skateboard) or on the pavement. How could we not? There’s something about watching Black women of all sizes, ages and styles make skating look simple and offer some lessons for newbies who could use the direction.

It’s summertime, so if you’re looking for some inspiration to get yourself a pair of skates and get your roll, bounce on in your neighborhood, or you’re lucky enough to have access to a rink to make it happen, look no further than the fun and fabulous ladies we’re following right now on Instagram to get you going. They’re doing all the tricks and moves and looking oh so carefree and cool in the process.


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