5 Celebrities who Spoil their Not-So-Mini Pet Pigs

Who wouldn’t want an adorable teacup pig? It turns out some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have added pigs to their families – but it turns out those pigs weren’t so “mini” after all.

In just a few years, teacup pigs are likely to grow to be 100-150 lbs. While that’s significantly less than a 300-700 pound hog, it’s still massive for a household pet! These stars have used their significant resources to put make sure that their beloved pigs have the best lives possible.

5 Paris Hilton

Many have blamed Paris Hilton for making the public believe that teacup pigs really did stay small enough to put into a teacup, since she was often photographed carrying her little pig around like a chihuahua – but when her pig Princess Piglette grew too big to put into a handbag, Hilton loved her just the same.

“Doug and I will be lying in bed, watching DVDs, and [Princess Piglette] just lie there between us. She’s a little sweetheart and I love her.”

Hilton continues to post pictures with her pig at her impressive full size.

4 John Bishop

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Milo the pig had been at the RSPCA’s Block Fen centre in Cambridgeshire when comedian John Bishop’s wife Melanie spotted a video of him on Facebook in 2014, and decided she had to take him home.

Milo had already been re-homed once, after the last people to adopt him realized that they couldn’t care for him. To prevent that from happening again, the RSPCA sent inspectors to ensure that Bishop and his wife were prepared to look after him. Everything was in order, and the family was so enthusiastic that they arranged for Milo to be collected and brought to their home without even meeting him first.

“I think he’s found a good home and will be spoilt rotten,” Jackie William, the Block Fen manager said.

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3 Lisa Falcone

Sometimes-billionaire Phil Falcone and his wife Lisa fill their home with pets – at one point they had five dogs, a cat, and their beloved pig Wilbur.

Lisa claims that Wilbur spins in circles when given a cheerio and can play the piano. She used to walk the beloved family pet on a leash, but stopped when people started taking pictures.

Many have compared the Falcone pig to billionaire Steve Cohen’s pig Romeo, who reportedly lived like a member of the family for years, even having his own room. However when Romeo reached an impressive 150 lbs, the Cohens threw him a lavish going away party and flew him on a private jet to a vegan animal rescue facility in Florida.

2 Rupert Grint

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint purchased a pair of pigs (reportedly for his sisters) from breeder Jane Croft of Little Pig Farm. These pigs don’t come cheap, costing almost $1700 each.

Croft, who catered to a variety of celebrity clients, including pop star Robbie Williams and TV stars Vanessa Feltz and Ricky Tomlinson, ended up going bankrupt for after drawn out dramas. One of the issues included the fact that some of her pigs grew to be far larger than expected:

“When I first got going I couldn’t keep up with the demand so I bought extra pigs believing they were micro-pigs,” Croft stated, “They grew to be massive so I had to offer refunds.”

Rupert Grint told NBC in 2010 that his pig was “kind of big now,” and had outgrown the house and had to move outdoors – but whether that means they had just reached the typical “mini” size of 100 lbs or that it was actually a massive breed of hog is hard to say.

1 George Clooney

Few people are as dedicated to their pet pig as George Clooney was to his pig Max. When he was small, the star even allowed him to sleep in his bed like a puppy – but Max didn’t stay small for long! Clooney estimates that when Max died (at the enviable age of 18) he was 250lbs.

Max lived a life of luxury, even once enjoying a ride of John Travolta’s private jet. Clooney has referred to Max as his “longest relationship to date,” and actually credits owning the pig with ending two of his relationships. His one-time girlfriend Celine Balitran made the mistake of giving him the ultimatum “It’s me or the pig” and Clooney of course chose his beloved pet.

Although he’s clearly an excellent pet owner, the star has said that he has no plans to adopt another pig, saying, “I think Max covered all my pig needs.” Considering how close he was to Max it makes sense that he isn’t ready for another pig.

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