All the Love Island contestants' star signs (and whether they're well matched)

Some matches are quite literally written in the stars, while others are star-crossed at best.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Love Island villa, where contestants are placed into a pressure cooker of sexual and romantic tension that inevitably bubbles to the surface – and not always in a positive way.

The current season has been an eventful one, and there are a few astrological clues as to why some couples are doing well, while others are struggling.

Love Island recently revealed all the remaining contestants’ star signs, giving us a unique insight into each pairing’s compatibility.

Remember, even though some signs don’t naturally merge, that doesn’t mean a relationship between them is doomed to fail.

Not only do our Moon, Ascendant, Venus, and Mars placements impact our traits (rather than just our Sun sign) it’s also possible for differences to complement each other and make for lasting love.

Here’s how the Islanders fare when it comes to the zodiac.

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Kai (Cancer) and Sanam (Taurus)

Kai Fagan has had a big week in the villa, coupling up with Sanam Harrinanan after a tumultuous situationship with Olivia. As a Cancer, he’s the type that appreciates family and home but can be a little oversensitive at times.

Cancerians can be taken advantage of by those who mistake their Water sign kindness for weakness. However, as Kai showed during the Snog, Marry, Pie game, they won’t waste energy on anger and prefer to retreat from conflict.

Sanam is a Taurus, an Earth sign associated with traits like reliability, loyalty, and occasional stubbornness. Taurus makes a great match with Cancer, but they need to avoid taking things personally or holding grudges.

Kai will appreciate Sanam’s grounding capabilities and similar values, which should bring him out of his shell and prove a welcome change from the whirlwind he’s been embroiled in recently.

Tanya (Aquarius) and Shaq (Aries)

Movie Night was a difficult one for long-term couple Tanya Manhenga and Shaq Muhammad, as Shaq broke down in tears seeing Tanya flirt up a storm in Casa Amor.

Despite reconciling and seeming loved up, though, there may be trouble in paradise according to the zodiac.

Reboot partnered with astrologer Inbaal Honigman to assess the couples’ compatibility – and apparently, their Aquarius and Aries Sun signs make them ‘total opposites’.

Inbaal says: ‘He’s upfront, direct and active. She’s mysterious, quirky and dreamy.

‘Both signs have a great sense of humour, so with a lot of laughter, this could actually work. But since they’re both signs that need a lot of space, they may not even want to invest in the relationship that much.’

Having jumped in with the L-word after a few weeks, we can see Shaq’s characteristic Aries fickleness, and Tanya pulling away after arguments is peak defensive Aquarius. Time will tell whether they can get through the hurdles.

Jessie (Libra) and Will (Aries)

Jessie Wynter and Will Young’s partnership has been compared to Ross and Rachel from Friends due to the ups and downs they’ve experienced.

Aries Will was in hot water this week after Casa Amor, where he kissed bombshell Layla despite being coupled up with Jessie. The Fire sign can struggle with impulsivity, and their spur-of-the-moment actions can cause consequences.

On the other hand, Libra is fair-minded and compassionate, weighing up options before coming to conclusions. Like Jessie, those born under the sign might wish to avoid confrontation, or overlook their own needs in favour of not rocking the boat.

As Aries is ruled by Mars (the planet of masculinity) and Libra is ruled by Venus (the planet of femininity) they can be a hugely complimentary pair. Libra can show Aries new perspectives and help them be more flexible, while Aries brings a sense of spontaneity and passion to Libra’s life.

Olivia (Gemini) and Maxwell (Aries)

Olivia Hawkins is one Islander who’s never far from drama, despite claiming she wants to keep the peace. This tables with stereotypical Gemini traits, as the Air sign can be prone to a Jekyll and Hyde approach; they often tell people what they want to hear or change their opinions on a whim, which gets them into trouble in love.

Maxwell Samuda, who Olivia coupled up with after Casa Amor, is an Aries. The Fire sign is the first in the zodiac, encompassing childlike innocence, competitiveness, and bravery to jump into things head-first.

As a couple, these two signs can work well. Aries loves the wit and intelligence of their Gemini partner, who in turn feels energised by their Aries partner’s zest for life.

However, Aries can be prone to controlling behaviours – especially damaging given Gemini’s propensity to flirting. They must work together to avoid arguments and keep things spontaneous to avoid boredom.

Tom (Virgo) and Samie (Aquarius)

As a Virgo, Tom Clare will have traits like reliability, diligence, and a logical outlook. The Earth sign’s weaknesses include perfectionism, stubbornness, and a tendency to criticise others who don’t meet their exacting standards.

Samie Elishi is an Aquarius, a sign associated with creativity, altruism, and intelligence, as well as a certain aloofness that makes them hard to pin down. They can get set in their ways or run away when things get difficult, which could prove problematic for Samie’s relationship with Tom.

After Tom’s antics in Casa Amor were shown during Movie Night, Samie may retreat emotionally and act coldly in an act of self-preservation. As Virgo often needs reassurance from a partner, they can struggle with Aquarius’ need to detach.

If the Virgo partner can give their Aquarius the freedom they desire and the Aquarius can offer commitment and open up, it could work. They need to be mindful of their differences, though, and compromise more than they’re used to.

Casey (Scorpio) and Rosie (Cancer)

For two Water signs, these two have created a whole lot of fire in the Love Island villa.

Casey O’Gorman’s head was turned by bombshell Rosie Seabrook recently, but his reluctance to hurt the feelings of Claudia Fogarty (who he was previously coupled up with) led to explosive rows.

Scorpios are passionate and typically honest, but their confidence and intensity can be read as scheming or even arrogant. Cancerians like Rosie struggle with Scorpio’s temperamental nature, but the signs both share a strong emotional connection.

Chats can get really deep between these signs, and the fact they both value loyalty should serve them well. That said, Scorpio should avoid secrecy as this can break Cancer’s trust and lead to hurt feelings.

Ron (Leo) and Lana (Scorpio)

Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins are predicted to win this season of Love Island, announcing their official relationship in Sunday’s show.

Self-confessed ‘romantic’ Lana has a lot of the characteristics of a Scorpio, including loyalty and passion. These emotions have also manifested as jealousy at various point – not particularly surprising given Leo Ron’s need to ‘explore’.

Inbaal says of the pairing: ‘Scorpio Lana and Leo Ron are an unstable match.

‘Both signs are extremely passionate and motivated by desire. But Leo loves to be honest and open, whilst Scorpios like to have their little secrets.

‘The Leo will accuse the Scorpio of playing games, and the Scorpio will see the Leo as self-centred.’

Claudia (Leo) and Keanan (Capricorn)

Claudia Fogarty showed off that Leo fire this week, calling Rosie ‘disrespectful’ for pursuing former pairing Casey and using the Snog, Marry, Pie game to get her own back.

Meanwhile, Capricorn Keanan Brand has been accused of plotting to steal Rosie from Casey himself – never a dull moment.

Ambitious Cap is no stranger to getting what they want, with a goal-orientated view of life that puts status and professional achievements top of the priority list. Leo is more outgoing and less focused on meticulous details, but also places a lot of importance on reputation and wants commitment from a partner.

They’re both quite stubborn signs that can bring their own unique qualities to a relationship, from Leo’s social skills to Capricorn’s measured approach to spending.

Perhaps Claudia and Keanan should give their pairing a chance instead of looking elsewhere – they may be the unexpected Yin and Yang couple of the season.

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