Best 10 cities for nature lovers – the UK’s top spots mapped

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The UK is home to 51 cities, all with something different to offer. From Britain’s urban capital to the coastal city of Plymouth, there are plenty of places for Brits to get away and indulge in a change of scenery. While every city has its own quirks, a new study has revealed the country’s best spots for nature lovers – but which cities came out on top?

A new study from home builders McCarthy Stone has unveiled the best UK cities for nature-loving Brits.

With everything from urban business hubs to seaside dwellings named as cities, there is plenty of choice for city-goers seeking a nature-filled getaway.

From national parks to famous beaches, there are a number of natural spots to visit up and down the country.

Ranked from best to worst based on five main criteria, the study found that one south-western city is worthy of the top spot when it comes to outdoor offerings.

What are the best UK cities for nature lovers?

The results gathered by McCarthy Stone scored each city based on factors including National Trust sites, rare species of animals and stargazing spots.

Perhaps the perfect solution to solving the January blues is to book a city getaway – and these are the top 10 spots.


Popular Plymouth stole the top spot and has been named the best UK city for nature lovers to visit.

Located in southwest England, the study found that the south coast’s outdoor offerings are what makes the region so desirable.

The seaside city boasts 10 National Trust sites, with four National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty on its doorstep.


126 miles east along the south coast lies the esteemed city of Southampton.

This seaside spot offers the beauty of the coastal landscape as well as several nearby nature spots.

Voted the city’s best nature spots by TripAdvisor, the following parks deserve a visit while staying in Southampton:

  • The Common
  • Riverside Park
  • Ocean Village
  • Mayflower Park
  • Manor Farm

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The underdog of the rankings saw Britain’s capital city take the third spot in the rankings.

Despite its notoriously busy urban setting, London is home to plenty of famous parks and offers a long list of city excursions.

With 240 outdoor activities, this world-renowned city is more appealing to nature lovers than it may appear on the surface.

St James’s Park has been named the most beautiful park in London thanks to its stunning locations in front of Buckingham Palace.

Catch London parks at their peak in early autumn to enjoy the breathtaking hues of burnt orange, red and gold against the backdrop of the bustling city.

Top 10 nature-filled cities

Bristol has earned its place in the top five best cities, stealing the fourth spot thanks to its impressive stargazing spots.

Newcastle was ranked as the UK’s fifth-best city – but which locations filled the final five?

Here are the UK’s top 10 cities in full:

  1. Plymouth
  2. Southampton
  3. London
  4. Bristol
  5. Newcastle
  6. Swansea
  7. Oxford
  8. Wolverhampton
  9. Birmingham
  10. Bournemouth

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