Bloke takes washing line to Liam Gallagher gig after epic camping chair mix-up

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A bloke has left people ‘crying with laughter’ after he mistakenly took another household object instead of a camping chair all the way to a concert – and only realised when he got there.

Paul Bennett, 50, got up at the crack of dawn to journey three hours to travel to Knebworth so he could watch Liam Gallagher play the Saturday show of his two night residency at the iconic venue.

Wanting to be prepared for when he and his daughter, Kaisha Bennett, finally got to the Hertfordshire based location, Paul grabbed what he thought was a camping chair out of his campervan at 5:30 in the morning.

The father-daughter duo set off from the Isle of Wight, first taking a ferry and then took a long drive to the historical park where the Manchester rock legend was playing two nights for the bank holiday weekend.

However, it wasn’t until Paul and Kaisha reached the venue that he realised something was not quite right.

Instead of packing the camping chair that he thought he grabbed, Paul actually brought his washing line.

Yes, you read that right.

The Liam Gallagher fan exclusively spoke to the Daily Star about his hilarious mix-up which has now caused him to go viral on Facebook.

Paul explained: “We travelled from the Isle of Wight and it took around 3 hours with the car ferry at 6am!

“I went to my campervan at 5:30am and grabbed a loose chair and what I thought was the other chair in a blue case to put in the other van I was taking.

“I didn't realise until we got to Knebworth. We had set the tent up in the campsite and opened the case to sit down and have a beer and realised it was a washing line!"

And it seemed like the clothes line managed to get a good nights sleep before it's long journey back.

“The washing line stayed in the tent overnight and would have come in handy the following morning had the rain stopped but sadly not," Paul noted.

According to Kaisha, the line luckily made it back in one piece – and without a sore head.

She joked: "The funny thing was we had to carry it all the way back but it made it in one piece!"

Although Paul was left chairless at the gig, he and his daughter have been left giggling at the situation ever since

He said: “It's been a great response. We've laughed about it all weekend and are still laughing now!

“But for me and my daughter Kaisha it's made our weekend.

“We've both had an amazing weekend. Liam Gallagher was incredible and the icing on the cake would be a comment from the biblical, celestial, majestical, approachable, humble Liam Gallagher.”

Kaisha originally posted the snap of Paul busting out the washing line from its deceiving blue bag on Facebook.

She shared: “Only my dad would carry this all the way to Knebworth for Liam Gallagher thinking it’s a camping chair, turns out it’s actually a washing line.”

Not only have the father and daughter found it funny, many people have been left chuckling at Paul's misfortune.

One person commented: “Omg this is actually hilarious.”

Another user giggled: “Legend.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Knowing me I'd end up doing this instead of taking the tent.”

Someone else shared: “Actually crying laughing at this.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user chuckled: “I’m crying.”

Well, it sounds like the washing line had a good weekend…

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