Body language pro dissects ‘hot’ PDA between Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have not been shy with the public displays of affection since confirming their relationship in January, leading one expert to break down their every move.

Body-language pro Blanca Cobb spoke to Cosmopolitan about the magnetic couple this week, telling the mag that recent photos of the pair prove their connection is both physical and chemical.

She begins with one of their most intimate shots, as Barker, 45, picks up and kisses the bikini-clad Kardashian sister, 42, while her legs are wrapped around him.

“This photo of Kourtney and Travis is hot, hot, hot,” Cobb proclaims. “Kourtney and Travis are connected from their lips to their hips. With so much of their skin touching, their bodies have to be exploding with oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, hormones that make them feel more blissfully connected. And they’re all about a physical connection with Kourtney’s lips locked onto his and her bum snuggled into his hands. Let’s put it this way: The heat is on!”

She added that Barker’s birthday dedication to the reality star, where he’s seen holding and kissing her on his couch, is another sign that the pair are living in their own universe.

“When couples are utterly oblivious to the world, a telltale sign is when their physical connection, not their faces, is seen in a photo. That’s what’s happening between Kourtney and Travis. Their bodies wrapped into each other, with Travis’s fingers bringing Kourtney closer,” Cobb explains.

“Kourtney’s arm lock is making sure that he’s not going anywhere. Look at the way Travis is sitting. He’s leaning forward slightly with Kourtney in his arms and his legs in a runner’s stance. He can quickly and easily pick her up and relocate to a more private area.”

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