Brainteaser challenges puzzlers to spot the UK passport

Tricky new brainteaser challenges puzzlers to spot the UK passport among the other European nations – but can you beat the 26 second record?

  • Busy graphic challenges netizens to find UK passport among the European ones
  • With a sea of purple and pink passports, it’s not as easy as it may initially look 
  • Current record stands at an impressive 26 seconds – but can you do it quicker?   

With many Brits still feeling baffled by Brexit this summer, a new political brainteaser has been added to the mix – and it’s left the nation stumped.

The latest brainteaser, created by Holiday Extras, is challenging puzzlers to find the United Kingdom passport among a sea of others.

But with a variety of pink and purple passports, along with snaps of various holiday destinations, it’s not as easy as it looks.

According to creators, the time to beat is 26 seconds – but how will you fare?

Scroll down for reveal 

This tricky new brainteaser challenges puzzlers to spot the UK passport among the other European nations

The tricky graphic was created following research which revealed that just two per cent of Brits have delayed their holiday plans as they waited to see the outcome of Brexit.

This has fallen from as many as 15 per cent of travellers back in December 2018.

‘As bewildered as we all may feel about the ever-changing Brexit plans, politics needn’t cause extra hassle when it comes to planning and booking breaks,’ said Seamus McCauley, Editor at Holiday Extras.

‘As our survey shows, almost all Brits are still digging out their passports this summer, despite Brexit, and we hope they can pick out the hidden passport in our playful puzzle too.’

If your 26 seconds are up and you still haven’t spotted the hidden object, then look no further.

The answer resides towards the bottom right-hand side of the hectic image.

If you’re having trouble, the answer is circled red and resides towards the right-hand side of the busy graphic

But don’t worry if you didn’t manage to find it, as there have been plenty of other brainteasers sweeping the web for you to try your hand at.

Another tricky graphic, created by Swift Direct Blinds, challenges Brits to find the hidden insect among the flowers. 

But the bee is cleverly disguised amongst the optical illusion, baffling even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers.

The company claim the average time it took a person to spot was 8 seconds – but do you dare to give it a go?  

Another baffling brainteaser asks netizens to find the hidden bee among the flowers – and its  left Brits scratching their heads

Bees are vital to the planet’s ecosystem as they pollinate about three quarters of plants. Pesticides, parasites, disease and habitat loss has resulted in a decline in the bee population. 

‘Brainteasers and optical illusions are always a hit around the office and to be able to tie in with such an important cause is great,’ said David Roebuck, Managing Director at Swift Direct Blinds. 

‘The hidden bee has really stumped a lot of people! We hope the blind generates some fun and a talking point among people and raises some awareness at the same time.’

If you’ve taken a good look and are struggling to find the answer, you’ll find the black and yellow insect resides just under the middle of the colourful scene.  

Give up? Puzzlers will find the answer, circled in red, just underneath the middle of the colourful scene

Another tough graphic has been released to celebrate the start of the summer – and it’s leaving even the keenest of puzzlers perplexed. 

Created by Gala Bingo, it challenges netizens to find the doughnut among a sea of colourful pool floats. 

However, with endless circles floating in a turquoise pool, it may not be as easy as it seems on first glance.

According to the creators, the average time taken to solve this puzzle is 22 seconds – but how long will it take you to find the out of place pastry? 

This perplexing puzzle, created by Gala Bingo, challenges netizens to find which of the pool floats is actually a doughnut

The difficult visual, which also features a lady sunbathing on a lilo, has left even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers scratching their heads.

If you’ve taken your time to have a look and are still none the wiser, the answer resides towards the bottom left of the picture. 

A further puzzle that’s been confusing netizens in recent weeks is one created by TOMY. 

The answer is circled red and resides in the bottom left had side of the bright and colourful pool scene

It challenges the public to find a hidden ice lolly among some tasty-looking ice creams.

The current record stands at 12 seconds – but can you do any better? 

The puzzle was released in keeping with the launch of the toy company’s new besties collectibles range, Ritzy Rollerz.  

The challenging brainteaser features a pink, blue and green coloured ice lolly hidden among a sea of ice creams

But the combination of different colours makes spotting the sought-after object all the trickier to find. 

For those keen for the reveal, the lolly can be spotted towards the right-hand side of the colourful image.

If you’re still none-the-wiser and are after a clue, the delicious treat is pink, blue and green. 

The answer, circled in red, can be found towards the right hand-side of the colourful and busy graphic

Weddings are some of the most joyous occasions of the year, be it with friends and family, or incredible star-studded affairs.

But with wedding season approaching, stationary company Norma & Dorothy have created a fun and lively scene featuring every bride and groom’s worst nightmare – a pair of lost rings.  

The fun and lively graphic depicts the many wedding guests, along with brides and grooms, waiters and bridal party, hunting for two tiny hidden rings. It’s made even trickier with the addition of bustling dogs and wild party decorations.  

They’ve tasked people with thirty seconds to find the tiny rings, and help the brides and grooms finally get to the alter – but how will you fare? 

Somewhere in the busy wedding party scene are two tiny wedding rings hidden amongst the chaos – but can you spot them? 

The busy party scene shows everything from two brides holding hands to comfort one another, to guests scratching their heads as they hunt for the rings.

To make it even harder, there are also several dogs causing chaos in the wedding scene, as well as stacks of cake. 

Hidden amongst all the fun are two tiny rings, but can you find them in the 30 second challenge?  

You’re hunting for the lost rings that look a little like this in the above picture – but remember, they’re tiny! 

They’re tiny gold bands with a huge rock of a jewel on them – the image you’re looking for looks a little like the below ring.

For those eager for the reveal, the answer lies towards the top right of the picture, where the ring is peaking out amongst a bouquet of flowers.

The second is at the centre bottom, right next to a waiter’s none-the-wiser hand.  

The tiny rings look as though they’ve been dropped on the aisle at the double wedding, as well as in a flower arrangement  

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