Brit given fat status after receiving handwritten card from Chinese takeaway

Becoming a regular in a favourite spot always feels nice.

From a barista remembering your coffee order to building up friendly banter with a cashier, being known is always handy.

However, this one Brit was left feeling like a "fat b***ard" after his local Chinese takeaway took a liking to him.

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After purchasing grub from the eatery, the takeaway enthusiast received a 'thank you' card – and a hefty discount.

"Just got a handwritten card from the Chinese," the Brit shared on Reddit.

"Fat b***ard status confirmed."

He then shared the note inside the card that thanked the Brit, who censored their name, for their regular custom.

"Dear [name], thanks for your support over the years," the takeaway staff wrote.

"Our takeaway shop now has a website. Order now by scanning the QR code and enjoy 20% discount.

"We appreciate your continued support."

Although it confirmed their 'fat' status, it appeared many other Brits could relate to becoming well acquainted with the takeaway.

One person related: "When I was younger my family would get an Indian every weekend, to the point the people who ran the Indian bought me and my brother traditional Bangladeshi clothing back from home when they went back to visit haha.

"We were probably like 8 at the time? Honestly it was very exciting."

Another user giggled: "Fat b***ard you may be, but you're their fat b***ard!"

While a third voiced: "Friends of mine were ordering from a kebab shop twice a week, minimum.

"They ended up getting free new menu item testers with every order."

Someone else chuckled: "Supporter of small local businesses status confirmed."

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "This is a level up from my local Burger King knowing me by name."


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