Can you spot what's unusual about this picture?

Can you spot what’s unusual about this picture? Hundreds are wowed by a small detail in woman’s living room

  • An image of a woman’s living room has captured the attention of hundreds 
  • Kaitlyn posted an image on Facebook and revealed she made a plant from Lego
  • In the photo the Lego plant sits on a cabinet beside a number of real plants 
  • The Lego bird of paradise costs $169.99 and contains 1173 pieces  

Kaitlyn shared an image of her collection of plants in her living room (pictured)

An image of a woman’s plant collection in the corner of her living room has captured the attention of hundreds around Australia.

Kaitlyn shared the photo to a popular Facebook and revealed she made a bird of paradise plant completely out of Lego.

In the photo, the completed Lego project sits on the top of a cabinet beside a larger potted plant, almost disguising itself among the greenery.

The social media post quickly attracted more than 1,000 ‘likes’ from other plant enthusiasts. 

Part of the Botanical Collection of adults, the Lego Bird of Paradise kit is priced at $169.99 online and is suitable for people aged 18 years and older. 

The design features a stunning black flowerpot and once completed the model sways when placed in a breeze to mimic a real plant. 

Upon a closer inspection, the detailing of the Lego plant is incredible, with orange flower petals and large green leaves.

The kit also contains 1173 Lego pieces and measures 46cm high by 13cm in diameter.

The Lego plant likely would’ve taken hours to complete due to the number of pieces.

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