Can YOU tell the fakes from the real designer goods?

Can YOU tell the real deal from the designer dupes? Expert reveals the most commonly copied labels (and how to spot a fake)

  • Britons are spending over £3.2bn on fake designer goods according to new data 
  • H&T Pawnbrokers found Kanye West’s Yeezy is the most replicated luxury brand
  • Financial service providers shared their advice for spotting counterfeit goods  

With the quality of counterfeit goods improving and shoppers increasingly making online purchases, researchers have discovered an eye-watering sum is being spent on knock-offs.

According to H&T Pawnbrokers, Britons are unknowingly splurging over £3.2 billion on fake designer goods, with one in three people falling for a knock-off sold online.

After analysing Google search volumes for ‘fake’ alternatives to popular luxury brands, they found the most in demand counterfeit goods include Yeezy, Balenciaga and Rolex products.

Experts have revealed new data that suggests Brits could be unknowingly spending over £3.2 billion on fake designer goods. Pictured: Fake Yeezy

H&T Pawnbrokers explained how Yeezy (pictured) topped the list of brands online shoppers are aiming to find a fake version off when searching Google 

Sarah Buck from H&T said: ‘Counterfeit designer goods are becoming increasingly common, particularly within the online second-hand market where consumers cannot see the items before they purchase them. 

Meanwhile they also revealed how shoppers can tell the fake from the real designer good, including tips on looking for spelling mistakes and researching the price to check if it’s too good to be true. 


H&T Pawnbrokers said a fake designer handbag can be spotted because the hardware isn’t as high quality as an authentic item. Pictured left: Real Gucci bag. Pictured right: Fake Gucci bag

H&T Pawnbrokers explained that paperwork is not always a guarantee that a luxury item is genuine. Pictured left: Real Dior handbag. Pictured right: Fake Dior handbag

H&T Pawnbrokers advise that a vital stage of shopping online could be researching the price of a product to check the likelihood that it’s authentic.

The financial service providers warned against being tempted by things that seem too good to true, explaining that designer products are often made to last.

The experts explained: ‘Designer bags should not be flimsy and should hold their shape.

‘Designer products are made to last – check for quality hardware. If the product tarnishes easily or loses its colour, it’s fake.’

They said that real designer handbags don’t come with authenticity cards, but should usually have a serial number for reference. 

Sarah Buck from H&T Pawnbrokers said it’s best to buy designer items from a trusted seller and to check reviews before making an online purchase. Pictured: Real Prada handbag 

Sarah revealed clothing is the industry worst hit by fake products. Pictured: Fake Prada handbag

Adding: ‘Paperwork is no guarantee that the item is genuine, [because] it can be easily forged.’ 

The experts said a fake Gucci Marmont clutch bag would be noticeable because of abnormalities on the brand’s logo and the neatness of its stitching.

They said that the real bag would be well manufactured and shouldn’t include curved edges.


Meanwhile the pawnbrokers also recommended purchasing from an established jewellers to avoid mistakenly purchasing a knock-off. 

They said designer accessories would come with official packing, dust bags, and will usually be hallmarked.

Revealing that the daintier jewellery is usually of a higher-quality, the financial service provider warned that there shouldn’t be any discoloration on the skin if the item is authentic. 

The experts also reinforced the importance of getting a receipt and checking the returns policy. 


H&T Pawnbrokers said a genuine high end watch will feel heavy due to high quality materials and explained that the second hand movement on the watch should not be rigid.

They advised being mindful that model name and serial number on a fake may be used across all of their pieces, rather than on individual goods, and suggested comparing the item with a known genuine example before purchasing.

Meanwhile the experts also explained that fine details won’t be as refined on fake items and often additional functionalities are missing. 

For example, they explained how the edges of a fake Rolex watch would be coarser than those on the genuine, as well as the spacing of text will be different. 

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