Celebrity facialist reveals red carpet skin tricks you can do at home

A-lister beauty guru reveals red carpet tricks that transform skin – including plunging your face into icy water for 20 seconds

  • Emma Brown, from London, is a facialist to the likes of Poppy and Cara Delevigne
  • Also boasts Salma Hayek, Gemma Arterton and Caroline Flack among clientele
  • Tips include using a jade roller to help massage in moisturiser and serums
  • Advises doing a light peel to resurface skin three to four days before an event 

A facialist to the stars has revealed the red carpet skin tricks you can achieve at home – and on a budget. 

Emma Brown, from London, who is currently working with Time Bomb Skincare, boasts celebrity clientele – including Poppy and Cara Delevigne, Salma Hayek, Gemma Arterton and Caroline Flack.

From plunging your face into ice cold water, to avoiding rich face masks the night before, the in-demand facialist reveals exclusively to FEMAIL how you can get that A-list glow.   

Emma Brown, from London, has revealed the DIY red carpet skin tricks you can achieve at home. Picture, stock image 


Beautiful skin is all in the prep. Three to four days before your event do a light at-home peel to resurface the skin and really get it glowing. 

I would suggest opting for a mandelic or a lactic acid for this as they are super light, work with most skin types and have hydrating benefits too.


The day of, or the night before an event, I will do a deep exfoliation so the skin is free from any dead skin cells and my client has the smoothest, softest base possible so they can achieve that flawless airbrushed look. 

Take time to slowly massage in your exfoliator to effectively slough away any dead, dull skin cells, remove any impurities and boost circulation for a fresh, dewy glow.


So many of my celebrity clients are constantly travelling for work so they’re usually tired, jet-lagged and stressed before a red carpet event. 

A great way to instantly wake up, depuff and tighten the skin is using cryotherapy, which is using freezing cold tools in their facial treatment. 

You don’t have to have an expensive facialist to get the benefits of cryotherapy, simply put ice in a bowl of water and place your face in for 20 seconds. 

The cold temperature of the ice water will instantly depuff and tighten the skin. Repeat three to four times before moving onto your facial massage.

Facialist Emma Brown (pictured) has worked with the likes of Poppy and Cara Delvigne, Gemma Arterton and Caroline Flack 


A facial massage where you quickly and deeply work your facial muscles is always a must for my celebrity clients pre red carpet events. 

This will instantly perk up the skin and leave you with a brighter, tighter, rosier complexion. 

You can start by slowly working from the base of the chin up towards the ears and then back down the side of the neck. 

Then work underneath the cheekbones, again working upwards and outwards towards your ears. 

Do this on each side of the face before moving to your forehead. 

Using your middle finger, run it back and forth across your forehead with pressure. Once you’ve done each movement four to five times you can start with your quick movements. 

Take both hands and lightly but rapidly tap the skin along the jawline upwards towards your ears, as if you’re trying to get something off your face. 

Work up and down each side of the face until you have a pinky colour, as this shows the blood has risen to the surface which gives you that plump glow.


Facial tools have come a long way and you can now find inexpensive options that really make a difference. 

A jade roller is a great aid for your facial massage – pop one in the fridge overnight and use to massage in your normal moisturiser or serum. 

These can be really helpful for those who don’t feel confident massaging their face as it takes the guess work out of it. 

Gua Sha’s are a lovely option to aid lymphatic drainage and they feel incredibly soothing on the skin.’

The expert facialist suggests using a gua sha to help aid lymphatic drainage and leave you with soothed skin. Picture, stock image


Finding the right self-tanning formula is more important than you might realise. The key ingredient that changes the colour of the skin is inherently dehydrating so most tanning formulas will dry out the skin and leave that flat, one-dimension colour that actually ages you.

Instead, look for formulas that contain hydrators like hyaluronic acid to give you a golden colour, whilst hydrating your skin at the same time. 

Just make sure you exfoliate before your tan and you tan at least 24 hours before your event.


Celebrity skin prep before an event doesn’t just mean taking care of the skin of their face…time and effort goes into maintaining the skin all over the body, too. 

Usually this means lymphatic drainage massages which aids the detoxification process for a slimmer, tauter appearance, exfoliation and sometimes a fake tan (depending on the client). 

On the day of an event I will always apply a rich, hydrating, light-reflecting body cream to soften and smooth any dry areas and give them that “lit from within glow” that looks so beautiful in photos. 

The celebrity facialist is currently working with Time Bomb skincare. Pictured, the new shimmer lotion

Time Bomb SHOW OFF Shimmer Lotion, £24, works well as it contains mega-moisturisers like avocado oil, shea butter and white truffle oil as well as tiny opalescent particles.   


In the days leading up to an event I tell my clients to keep their skincare light and simple.

I know it might be tempting to use a new rich face mask or overnight oil but you don’t want to risk congesting the skin. 

Apart from the obvious possibility of a dreaded breakout, congestion causes the skin to look flat and dull. 

Plus, if the product is too rich for your skin it can cause your makeup to slip and crease. 

Keep it simple with skincare you know works for your skin, ideally light hydrating layers.


It may not be a quick fix but being consistent with your skincare will have more impact than blowing hundreds of pounds on an expensive treatment. 

I can always tell which clients are consistent with their at-home skincare as their skin is healthier, hydrated and less congested. 

Having a good routine in place a month before an event will ensure that you don’t have too much work in the days leading up.

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