Dermatologist’s three simple ways to tackle excessive sweating during heatwave

While the warmer weather might be a nice change for the UK, the heatwave also brings with it a few downsides for us and our skin.

As well as the risk of sun burn you might also find yourself heavily perspiring on specific parts of the body, including your hands, feet and underarms.

If you're particularly unlucky, you could end up suffering with hyperhidrosis (the medical term for excessive sweating) across your entire body.

For some this can cause embarrassment and even misery, so we spoke to an expert to find out what you can do to put a stop to excessive sweating.

Dr Daniel Glass, leading dermatologist at The Dermatology Clinic London on Harley Street has shared three simple tips for tackling the problem.

Here's a look at what he had to say:

1. Make changes to your diet

"Many links have been made between diet and excessive sweating, so being aware of which foods make your sweating worse can help control your symptoms," he said. "Some people find that spicy foods are a particular trigger for their sweating. Alcohol and caffeine can also be a trigger and if so should be avoided."

2. Manage your anxiety

"Anxiety can be a big trigger for a person suffering with hyperhidrosis," continues Dr Glass. "Stress or worry about this condition can cause you to start sweating profusely and the fear of excessive sweating itself can also be a trigger, resulting in a vicious circle.

"Being aware of this can help you find ways to identify and cope with your anxiety before it triggers the excessive sweating cycle."

3. Take care picking your outfit for the day

Finally, he adds: "The choice of clothing you wear can help to limit the prevalence of your symptoms. For example. wearing breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen will help to keep you cooler by absorbing the excess moisture, which in turn reduces sweating.

"Clothing with modern fabric technology such as swear wicking is also a good option as they have been designed to help people keep cool and draw moisture away from the body to allow it to evaporate quickly and easily.

"Absorbent under layers can also help to minimise the outward symptoms of hyperhidrosis."

The hot weather is set to continue this week, with The Met Office predicting that temperatures will rise to 36C in London on Thursday afternoon.

Forecasters say there could even be temperatures of 37C in south-east England the same day.

The sweltering heat is the result of an 'African plume' sweeping in from the south, according to The Sun.

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