Dionne Warwick Says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Wanted to Hire Her After She 'Changed the Tone' of His App

The iconic singer also said she’s become friends with Cardi B, calling the rapper “adorable.”

Dionne Warwick made such a splash on social media in 2020 that she is being courted by one of its biggest apps, according to the legendary singer.

During an interview with People, the “Walk on By” hitmaker revealed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was so impressed with her online skills, he wanted her to come work for him.

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“I have kind of changed the tone of this thing called Twitter,” Dionne began. “Jack let me know he’s so pleased that I made my presence known because I’ve put a new spin on how these youngsters interact with each other.”

“He said, ‘I should put you on staff’ and I said, ‘Well, let’s talk about some kind of compensation here.'”

Back in December, Dionne deemed herself the new Queen of Social Media after creating quite a stir on Twitter with her witty posts, sweet conversations with other big stars and hilarious trolls of fellow musicians, like Chance the Rapper.

Now Dionne and Chance are collaborating on new music.

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“Hopefully by this August, you’ll be hearing from Chance the Rapper and Dionne the Singer,” she explained. “He’s an incredible young man. We’ve talked over the phone several times. I’ve met his father and mother over the phone. We’ve become friends.”

And after poking fun at Cardi B’s husband Offset in January, Dionne revealed she has become fast friends with the couple as well.

“I call them my babies,” she exclaimed. “She’s just adorable. I like that she knows who she is and does not apologize for it which is wonderful because you always have to be who you are.”

Meanwhile, Dorsey’s compensation might have to be shared with Dionne’s niece Brittani and the “PR team,” as Dionne has given them credit for helping create her online persona in the past.

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