Dog Stranded on Log in the Middle of Alligator-Filled Florida Island Rescued by Animal Officer

A stranded dog was pulled from the jaws of danger in Lake County, Florida.

According to a Facebook post from Lake County Sheriff's Office, on Jan. 8, Animal Enforcement Officer Amy Riccio received a call about a dog stuck on a small island in swampy marsh area.

The little brown canine was first heard by neighbors, who later spotted the dog from a local dock and called the authorities for help quickly rescuing the animal.

"Knowing what lurks in the waters, they were concerned the alligators would get to the dog before units could arrive," the post from the Sheriff's Office shared.

Aware that alligators could be circling the stranded pooch, Riccio "immediately began formulating a plan to save the dog." She decided to approach the small island, where she could see the dog clinging to a log, and create a makeshift bridge with two wood planks to reach the animal.

"She was able to quickly gain the dog's trust before she carried the dog onto her shoulders and back across the unstable bridge where she and the dog were safely rescued," the Sheriff's Office wrote of the rescue.

The dog, who has not been identified, is currently residing at the Lake County Animal Shelter until its owner can be identified.

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