Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship, Worth & Features Explained

Get ready to imagine yourself on a seven month journey to Mars along with 99 travel companions courtesy of Elon Musk. Back in 2019 the Tesla giant released photos of a highly anticipated yet criticized prototype of SpaceX Starship. In conjunction with a future city that boasts inter-planetary travel amenities, Musk is definitely unbothered by critics.

At a price tag of $200K per seat and potential to reach $1 million for the first class cabin, this celestial adventure can be your reality. As of today the inside of the SpaceX Starship is being developed with mainstay comfort and stellar views in mind.

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The spacecraft will feature multi-level functionality intended to optimize passengers’ experience. Beginning at the highest level, the crew’s deck, reserved for the launch team and science officers to station, transforms into the equivalent of a rooftop sight where retractable seating shifts into the flooring and a massive panoramic window is revealed for gorgeous views of space that before now were only available to trained astronauts.

Just below the deck, level two consists of the activity area, breaking up the mundane travel and providing guests with leisure throughout their seven month intergalactic vacation. With retractable seating similar to a high school gymnasium, the activity level boasts luxurious white seating with straps to secure your person while one can bask in delight of a class act violist floating in the midst of a serene star-filled background.

On downward, level three features Musk’s First Class Sleeping Cabin which are stacked up two above and two below in groups of four for a total of twenty. Described in the likes of the visual representation of 1997’s ‘The Fifth Element’, these pods are similar to the Japanese capsule hotel yet cost much more.

The following descent is the mess hall level where brave travelers will consume Mars-friendly cuisine including thermostabilized meals like canned tuna and dried fruit that have been heat processed to destroy harmful microorganisms and prepare guests for life on Mars’ SpaceX colonies. The drastic change in dietary restrictions appropriates itself as the agricultural on the Aries-ruled planet’s environment allow only growth and harvesting of insect farms and cellular foods like artificial eggs and algae-based dishes.

From there, there are the bath and restroom areas, showers, and a place to blow off some pinned up energy in a workout. Offsetting the zero-g atmosphere, the shower includes ankle restraints and elliptical bikes are mounted to the walls for safe keeping. Within seven months travel time, anyone committed to trimming off excess weight or simply toning up can look forward to a non-refundable body sculpting program.

Just beneath this section is the main passenger area where the most time is spent throughout the trip. This segment is not as glamorous as its first class counter area however for the sake of comfort and not so much style, the seating is designed to adjust positions from launch to boarding and finally sleeping modes. Each seat is fully private being separated by a partition and again, guests are welcome to several varying levels to break up the monotony of the course.

Lastly, the bottom level highlights ample space for storage and Mars Rover vehicles positioned towards a plank to let them off upon landing. With a stainless steel and highly developed combination of technology, this starship’s build is designed for state-of-the-art interplanetary vacationing for the world’s exploration-forward community.

While each launch tallies up $2 million, SpaceX Starship presents a generous $8 billion dollar value to the luxury rocket’s trip. According to the New York Times, a number of test ships have shown success in launch and landing although, interestingly enough, fiery conclusions. However, with time appearing to speed up as we enter the current Age of Aquarius, humans should intend on preparing to experience life on Mars and other planets in our glorious galaxy.

With very few competing space travel and tourism companies making headway with finished blueprints and test rockets, Musk’s current version of a luxury interplanetary commercial trip is coming in as the closest to reality for us back here on Earth. Although according to previous reports, Russian based company Space Adventures has flown seven wealthy passengers on eight trips to the (ISS) International Space Station between 2001 and 2009, nine have been recorded offering the opportunities to actually live on Mars and encounter such a futuristic way of life from food to the elemental nature. No matter how you view it, SpaceX Starship is a game changer.

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