Everything Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Said About Lilibet

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry are living their new lives in California, after fleeing the royal family in early 2020. The former senior royals have been hard at work on various projects, from speaking out about coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine awareness to working on behalf of disenfranchised women and children.

Through it all, Meghan and Harry have been open about their own parenthood journey, with Meghan even sharing the news of her tragic miscarriage in 2020. These days, with Meghan and Harry settling into life as a family of four, many fans are wondering about how their new daughter, Lilibet Diana, is adjusting. While the couple fiercely protects their family’s privacy, they have shared a few details about their new addition over the past few months. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently welcomed their second child

Meghan and Harry were married in May 2018. Just one year later, they welcomed their son, Archie Harrison. From the beginning, the couple shielded Archie from the spotlight, allowing very few pictures and videos of the adorable boy – and since they left the royal family in early 2020, fans have caught only slight glimpses of the little boy.

In early 2021, Meghan and Harry announced that they were expecting a second baby, and on June 4, Lilibet Diana was born. The couple took to their official website to share the news of her birth, saying in an emotional statement that the baby is “more than we could have ever imagined.” 

What do fans know about Lilibet Diana?

There have been no photos released of Lilibet Diana, so royal fans have had to content themselves with the small tidbits of information that have been released to the public. Additionally, a few details can be gleaned from the baby’s birth certificate, such as the fact that at birth, she was 7 pounds 11 ounces. 

Lilibet Diana is named for two of her female relatives – her first name, Lilibet, is a personal nickname of Queen Elizabeth’s, while her middle name pays tribute to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. She is eighth in line to the throne, following her father and her older brother, Archie. 

Prince Harry has revealed that Lilibet Diana is a ‘happy’ baby

Even though fans haven’t seen any pictures of Lilibet Diana, Meghan and Harry have opened up on a few occasions about their precious baby girl. According to Us Weekly, Harry has exclaimed about her great personality, telling TV host James Corden that “she’s very chilled and seems happy to just sit there while Archie is running around like crazy.” It seems as though Archie has settled into his role of big brother with ease.

What has Meghan Markle said about her daughter’s looks?

Royal fans might be curious about whether Lilibet Diana more closely resembles Meghan or Harry, but neither one of them has admitted whom, exactly, their daughter more closely resembles. What Meghan has said, though, is that the baby girl is “beautiful,” gushing about the baby’s appearance during a public appearance in September 2021, just three months after giving birth to Lilibet Diana.

It could just be a matter of time before Meghan and Harry decide to share more of Lilibet Diana with the world, and speculation holds that the two could release her first official photo on Christmas. Still, for now, royal fans will have to look to what the couple has said about their baby daughter to learn what they can about the royal family’s newest member.

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