Everything you need to know as ’39C Britain’ faces its hottest day ever

Britain is basking in what could be the country's hottest ever today – with forecasters predicting a possible high of 39C.

As the mercury soared across the country earlier this week, forecasters say the heatwave could come to a sizzling peak today – coinciding with thunderstorms overnight and into tomrrow.

The Met Office says  weather conditions will be similar to continental Europe, with sizzling highs in the day and muggy conditions continuing overnight this week.

Records could be broken not only for July, but the UK could see 'all time records' smashed.

Today is expected to see the peak in temperatures with 39C possible in the south east of England. 

Met Office chief meteorologist Paul Gundersen said: "The UK will experience another pulse of high temperatures this week, with the possibility of records being broken for not only July but also all-time records.

"The weather setup is broadly similar to the pattern that brought high temperatures to much of continental Europe at the end of June."

Here's everything you need to know about the heatwave…

How hot will your area get?

North East England

Thursday and Friday will remain warm with a risk of showers or thunderstorms – and an average temperature of 29C.

Saturday is likely to be sunny but further thundery showers could hit.

Sunday could also see wet and windy weather which could continue into early next week.

But temperatures will stay above average for the time of year.

North West England

Thursday will see hot sunshine and temperatures are predicted to reach a 33C high.

The Met Office forecast  thunderstorms overnight, making Friday much fresher.

Sunny spells and showers will then continue for Friday and Saturday.

Into early next week, there will be rain affecting the northwestern parts but temperatures will still be above average for July and the start of August.

East Midlands

The East Midlands could see temperatures soar to a tropical 37C today.

But, a chance of thunderstorms later in the afternoon could bring humid conditions to the region – continuing into Friday and through the weekend.

Over the weekend and into early next week the temperature will drop to the twenties.

West Midlands

Parts of the West Midlands are likely to see highs of 34C today – with unbroken sunshine predicted throughout the day.

However, like most parts of the country, the chance of a thunderstorm later in the day could bring muggy and humid conditions.

After today, temperatures are predicted to drop to the low and mid twenties for the weekend and into early next week.

London & South East England

London and parts of the south east of England could see the mercury rise to an incredible 39C.

The Met Office predicts an all-time record could be broken and today could be the hottest day ever recorded for the UK.

The south east is also under a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms later in the evening.

Friday will see a risk of rain as temperatures go back down to 25C, and remain around that mark for the weekend and into Monday.

South West England

The south west is expected to see average temperatures of around 27C today, with sunshine turning to cloudy conditions by nightime.

Storms are predicted  overnight, with Friday feeling much fresher and sunny spells and showers will then continue on Saturday.


Highs of around 31C are expected in Scotland, with unbroken sunshine predicted throughout the day.

Tonight could turn cloudier with a chance of rain and thunderstorms.

The weekend is likely to see temperatures drop to the late teens.


The temperature will rise to 32C across parts of Wales today, before dropping back down to 26C on Friday, and the low 20s over the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday could also see light rain, which should clear by Monday, but return again on Tuesday.

Weather warnings


While most of the country will enjoy unbroken sunshine throughout the day, the Met Office have also issued a weather warning for rain and thunderstorms for later today and overnight.

The yellow warning for thunder is currently in place from 3pm today until 4am on Friday morning.

Met Office forecasters are warning of…

  • Spray and sudden flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and some road closures
  • Where flooding or lightning strikes occur, there is a chance of delays and some cancellations to train and bus services
  • There is a chance that power cuts could occur and other services to some homes and businesses could be lost
  • There is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded, or damaged by lightning strikes, hail or sudden gusts of wind

The weather warning covers most of the country apart from Wales and the South West.

Staying healthy

While the hot weather is largely great news, for some it can be dangerous and even deadly.

Experts have spoken out about the best ways to stay healthy in the heatwave as well as urging people to check on the vulnerable or elderly as temperatures soar.

England's chief nurse has urged people to check on their neighbours as a heatwave hits parts of the UK for the start of the school summer holidays.

Ruth May, chief nursing officer for England, said people should take care as temperatures rise, while Asthma UK urged sufferers to keep up their medication.

"It's really important to take simple precautions like drinking plenty of water, using high-factor sunscreen and remembering to take allergy medication if you need it – as is making sure to check in on neighbours and loved ones who can suffer the most from heat and pollen."

Experts have also issued warnings on swimming in hot water during the heatwave.

Last year, 34 people died while swimming in open waters, according to the National Water Safety Forum.

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