Extreme plastic surgery fan has 32 surgeries worth £75,000 to become an elf

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A body modification fan has revealed how he underwent 32 invasive cosmetic surgery procedures to become a “real life elf” – and he’s planning more still.

Luis Padron, 29, a publicist from Argentina gets lots of his work done for free, as he’s a plastic surgery model.

However, he estimates that his face still cost around $100,000 – that’s £75,000!

The “space elf” has had a rhinoplasty, triple face and neck lifts, a cat eye lift and neck correction as well as an eye colour change, elf-ear modification and more.

One surgery required his jaw to be broken five times and re-set with titanium and he has had laser skin bleaching.

He has changed his eye colour six times already.

Luis began his quest to look like an elf due to a difficult time in childhood.

He told the Daily Star: “Since I was a child, I used fantasy as a way to deal with a hard reality.

“I was a fan of movies such as Labyrinth and Neverending Story, and loved books about legends, mythology, and such.

“I just wanted to look like all those things that made me happy.

“It started with hair dye in flashy colours, then crazy contact lenses, then makeup… but I wanted more. Things pretty much escalated to what I am today.”

Luis’ first surgery was his nose job.

He said: “It was a gift from me to myself on my birthday. It has become a tradition since then.”

The model then went on to have one of his most distinctive surgeries – his pointed elf ears.

While he used to don extremely long faux-elf ears, he now has realistic-looking pixie ears after having the cartilage in his ears cut and reshaped.

He said: “It hurts forever! Cartilage has memory.

“But it’s not as bas as it sounds. They look pointy and funky, so I am happy with the result.”

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In 2021, Luis plans to get more work done.

He said: “I am starting 2021 with a follow up of my eye colour change, HD lipo, and a 3D printed face mask implant for symmetry perfection.”

The real-life elf, who has said before that he identifies as “trans-species” claims that more people are supportive of his choices than hateful.

Luis said: “Surprisingly, people are very nice, charming, and understanding.

“I get a lot of support every day, which I didn’t expect, once my story started to go viral!"

Luis added: “I didn’t want to show myself to the public before, but now I am confident enough and even made a career out of it.

“I am grateful for that…

“Of course, there are critics and haters here and there, but they are the vast minority.

“Some people say life is not made of dreams, but realities. But I made a life of my dreams.”

Now, Luis’ unusual looks not only help to boost his career, but also trigger romantic attention.

He explained: “Some for the looks, some for the kink – I guess – and some because I tend to be very kind with everybody and that is often mistaken as something else.

“I am not actively searching for a love interest, although I am open for a crush!

“Time will tell.”

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