Foodie’s genius secret menu hack makes vanilla and mocha iced McDonald’s frappes

After a week in the sun plenty of us have been looking for ways to cool down while out and about.

Cold drinks like milkshakes and frappes are a delicious way to bring down your temperature.

And, a TikTok user has revealed a clever hack which lets you make a yummy frappe at McDonald’s.

And, they look utterly wonderful.

In a video, TikTok poster @melika_zaidi explained how to make the iced drink on her channel.

And, all you need to order is a milkshake – preferably vanilla or banana – with a single espresso shot.

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She said: "Next time you're at McDonald's you have to try this… McDonald's vanilla milkshake and espresso.

"Step 1, take lid off milkshake. Step 2, pour in espresso. Mix, mix, mix and enjoy.

"Not even gonna' lie, it's stunning. This is an award-winning beverage."

Commenters were wowed by the secret menu hack and hundreds commented saying they would try the drink.

And, many others noted that replacing the vanilla milkshake with a chocolate one would create a lush mocha frappe.

However, the beverage might have to be an occasional treat as each medium chocolate milkshake contains 364 calories and 50g of sugar.

That’s 56% of your recommended daily allowance of sugar.

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And, a medium vanilla milkshake is, surprisingly, even worse with 366 calories and 60g of sugar making up 67% of your recommended daily sugar.

While banana has 357 calories and 64% of your daily sugar intake.

Luckily for some Brits, selected McDonald’s branches offer the Caramel Iced Frappe which has half the amount of sugar at 33%.


You can check if your local branch stocks the frappe on the My McDonald’s app.

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