Former Primark worker shares strict dress code – from no logos to free clothes

A former Primark worker has opened up about her uniform while working at the fashion giant.

The woman revealed secrets about their dress code after a TikTok user was curious to know about the uniform at Primark.

She said: "A lot of people ask me about the uniform, you are only given the tops.

"As I worked weekends, I got one T-shirt, one long sleeve shirt and one fleece – if you worked longer hours you got more shirts."

The ex-Primark staff member claimed that you have to provide your own trousers and shoes too.

But there was one big rule about wearing branded items.

She admitted: "In terms of things like trousers and shoes, we had a strict rule that we weren't allowed to wear anything with logos."

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The woman added: "So my whole time working there I wore a pair of shoes that I got from Primark which looked like fake Converse."

She said she couldn't wear real Converses as the logo was obvious on the side.

The TikTok user said: "Same goes for jeans, they had to be plain black trousers and they couldn't have massive logos on them."

But she did say you can get away with wearing a few things with logos after you've been there more than a couple of weeks.

She concluded: "I know some people just wear stuff with logos on them anyway because it is more convenient."

But she female only ever got a free top at work after she had a nosebleed on the shop floor.

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