Fortnite made us rich – we met on game before making £10k a month on OnlyFans

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    Fortnite is celebrating its fifth anniversary and the world’s most played game led to the lives of one British couple changing dramatically.

    Erin Sanaghan, 19, and Tyler Thompson, 23, met on the game over two years ago – before they got together in real life and started an OnlyFans page.

    They now pocket up to £10,000 a month on the kinky subscription site.

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    But none of this would have been possible without the late night sessions gaming as they got to know each other over their headsets.

    And as Fortnite celebrates its fifth birthday on September 26, the couple spoke with the Daily Star about their profitable romance.

    Tyler, who still works as a bricklayer, said: “The money we now make still blows our mind.

    “It all started when me and Erin were invited to the same game and we got talking and having a laugh and a giggle.

    “I eventually asked for her Instagram and since then we’ve spoken every day.

    “We used to chat over the headset and Erin would message me on Snapchat while she was at college and I was at work. She’d ask if I was coming on Fortnite that night so I knew she was interested.

    “We would get on about 6.30pm until around 10pm and it got to the point where we were Facetiming each other and we’d fall asleep. I would wake up and just see Erin snoring on Facetime.”

    After three months of gaming together every evening, Tyler, who is from Doncaster, drove three hours to Newcastle to meet Erin, who is a support worker.

    The pair hit it off in person, despite an initial family grilling.

    Tyler laughed: “I was scared beforehand and I had to meet her dad and obviously when you meet a girl you don’t expect to meet her family straight away.

    “I got there and I spoke with her dad and he was like ‘you are not staying in the same bed’ and all this stuff.”

    They became boyfriend and girlfriend and started a TikTok page and they soon had 400,000 accounts following them.

    Tyler, after speaking to another couple who make racy content, then had an idea to benefit from their platform by starting an OnlyFans page.

    And despite the financial rewards, the daring duo said it was an “annoying” misconception that it was easy to get rich by stripping off in front of a camera.

    He said: “We were wary at first of joining and we talked about it. But we started and fell in love with it and just began having fun.

    “People think it’s easy work but it took us about two weeks before we got our first subscription.

    “So after two weeks we had made just $10. You get told not to get disheartened by the money and to just have fun.

    “That’s what we did and we started playing sex games and having fun with it and we got known as the couple who did sexual games and people loved it.

    “From then on it’s just gone up and up and up.”

    Despite their remarkable earnings, the couple have decided to keep their day jobs.

    Tyler explained: “We are not taking it for granted because you don’t know what is around the corner.

    “We are just saving our money and we want to set ourselves up for the future and buy a couple of properties.

    “We were talking on holiday too about Erin starting her own clothing business and she also wants a new car.”

    The lovers have just returned from a lavish trip to Egypt where they stayed in a five-star resort.

    But despite the fancy trips and working full-time while also producing content for OnlyFans, they have not forgotten where it all started.

    Tyler said: “On our holiday we said we were going to start playing Fortnite again because a new season has come out.

    “The last season we played for about five weeks straight but it gets boring.

    “But now that the season is out we are going to download it and get playing again.”


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