Foundling left after her mother fled hospital finds birth sister

Extraordinary moment reunited sisters born two years apart discover they were both abandoned by the same ‘well spoken’ woman after she fled hospital following their births on Long Lost Family Born Without Trace

  • Mother-of-one Sarah Dunkley, from Eastbourne, was born a foundling after her birth mother abandoned her just one day after giving birth in a hospital ward 
  • She grew up in a loving adopted family and has never managed to track down her birth family after her ‘slightly built, well spoken’ mother gave a false name 
  • Police tried to track down woman described by nurses as wearing clothes of ‘good quality’ but found a derelict building at the address in Barnes, London 
  • Tonight’s episode sees Sarah reunited with her birth sister, Carole, who she discovers was born in extraordinarily similar circumstances two years before 

The latest episode of Long Lost Family Born Without Trace shows the remarkable moment two sisters who were both abandoned by their mother shortly after they births meet for the first time. 

The latest episode of the programme follows mother-of-one Sarah Dunkley, from Eastbourne, as she tries to trace the ‘well spoken’ woman who fled the labour ward just one day after giving birth to her. 

Sarah, who was adopted shortly afterwards and enjoyed a happy childhood on England’s south coast, is left staggered to find out that she has an older sibling, Carole, who tells her that she was also left two-and-a-half-years earlier in almost identical circumstances. 

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The moment mother-of-one Sarah Dunkley, from Eastbourne, is told that she has a sister, who, like her, was born a foundling after their birth mother abandoned them shortly after their births

Carole, left, and Sarah, at their first emotional meeting; the latest episode of Long Lost Family sees the siblings introduced after a lifetime apart, with neither knowing the other existed 

Remarkable resemblance: Carole and Sarah are seen comparing pictures of themselves as young girls on the beach at Eastbourne

The epsiode, presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, sees Sarah embark on an extraordinary journey as she goes from having no known biological relatives to discovering she has a sister. 

While many foundlings are discovered in public places such as toilets or phone boxes, Sarah and Carole’s story is unique because they were actually born in a hospital. 

Sarah even has records of her birth at the hospital and a description of her birth mother, but has never been able to track her down. 

The Long Lost Family team investigate how a ‘slightly built, natural blonde’ woman with clothes and shoes ‘of good quality’ gave midwives false addresses in Barnes, London and Paris to try and cover her tracks. 

After giving the name of Barbara Milliner, formerly Taylor, her mother fled, leaving Sarah a foundling at just a day old.  

An anxious Sarah is seen in tonight’s episode trying to track down further details of her birth mother’s story

‘Impossible puzzle’: Sarah tells the show she ‘would just love to know why she left me’

Sarah’s birth certificate carried false details about her mother, who called herself Barbara Milliner, formerly Taylor and gave a false address in Barnes, West London

Description: The official report that accompanied Sarah being adopted gave details of her birth mother, describing her as ‘slightly built’ and ‘well spoken’ and wearing clothes and shoes ‘of good quality’

Sarah’s sister Carole tells her how she was also left in a hospital by a woman who left a false identity before disappearing, leaving her a foundling

The siblings share stories of their childhoods; while most foundlings are discovered in public places, the sisters were both born in hospital 

A black-and-white photo of Sarah Dunkley as a baby on the beach at Eastbourne; she still lives in the same house she shared with her adopted family 

Sarah, who still lives in the house she grew up in, with husband Matt and son Ben, says: ‘After she disappeared from the hospital they tried to trace her and came to the address (she had given) but found it was a derelict building. 

‘I think she was probably in a desperate place, maybe scared, maybe it was a pregnancy that was a secret to her closest family? It would be amazing to know what happened, hopefully somewhere somebody can tell me.’

Thanks to the show’s DNA team, research reveals the ‘mindblowing’ connection for Sarah to a full sibling, as they find out she was also left in a hospital by a woman who left a false identity several years earlier.    

During tonight’s episode, viewers will also meet 31-year-old Steve, who recalls how he was left in public toilets near Wolverhampton Wanderers FC’s stadium as a baby

‘My history before is 100 per cent unknown’: Steve asked Long Lost Family’s DNA team to help track down his birth family

He was named after Wolverhampton Wanderers’ star player at the time, Steve Bull

The show manages to track down both his birth mother and his birth father (pictured left with Steve)

Elsewhere on the show, another foundling, 31-year-old Steve recalls how he was left in public toilets near Wolverhampton Wanderers FC’s stadium.

At the time Steve was found near the stadium, he was named after Wolverhampton Wanderers’ most popular player of that time, Steve Bull. 

Steve was made aware by his adoptive parents about his start in life but despite a public appeal, he says he has grown up with no information about why he was left and by whom. 

Steve tells the show: ‘I was just the baby who was found. My history before is 100 per cent unknown.’

In tonight’s programme, Steve finally discovers how he came into the world, with the show being able to find both of his birth parents. Steve meets his birth father for the first time, and it’s revealed to him the struggles that his birth mother faced as a young woman. 

Long Lost Family Born Without Trace is on tonight at 9pm on ITV 

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