Genius Smuggles Bottle of Tito's Vodka into Lollapalooza

“Give this man a Nobel Prize.”

It’s unanimous — the best performance at Lollapalooza over the weekend wasn’t even a musical act.

A viral video on Twitter of a concertgoer’s ingenious method of smuggling in alcohol had the internet in worship mode on Monday morning.

The 12-second clip shows the unnamed mastermind kicking up dirt at Grant Park to reveal a bottle of Tito’s Vodka — which he had purportedly buried there three weeks earlier:

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Disciples were in awe: “Give this man a nobel prize.” “This man is an AMERICAN HERO.” “This man’s living in 4021.” “I got no problem with a mind like this. Enjoy your drink, son.”

One commenter pointed out: “This man just saved like $200,” while another agreed: “Beats paying $14 for a single.”

Some were impressed with his accuracy in tracking down his unmarked treasure trove; others praised his luck the organizers hadn’t built one of the stages on top of it — or worse still, the Porta Potties.

Not everyone was happy with the post, however. The trick, it turns out, is not a new one among seasoned festival-goers… but telling everyone about it is.

“WHY? WHY would u expose this power move to everyone? With great power comes great responsibility,” one asked.

“Lolla next year gon be filled with random brown spots in the grass,” another agreed.

Some reluctantly revealed the method had been employed for years at various festivals across the country, with many claiming to have witnessed groups pulling up full chests packed with goodies to sell.

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There was also a group who pointed out the trick could be used for something far more sinister.

“Someone could do that with a gun too. Not cool,” one wrote.

“bro this is lowkey scary,” another agreed.

TooFab has reached out to Tito’s Vodka for comment.

Some 100,000 people per day packed into the Chicago venue for the four-day festival to see headlines including Miley Cyrus, Tyler The Creator, Post Malone, Foo Fighters and Megan Thee Stallion.

While Covid safeguards were in place — concertgoers were required to show proof of vaccination or a negative test in order to enter, and on Friday organizers made a last-minute requirement for masks for indoor spaces — many are still worried about a coronavirus spike.

“We’ve been able to open but do it with care because of the vaccinations. So I feel very good about what we’ve done,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot insisted, defending the go-ahead for the event.

“Obviously, we’ll know a little bit more in a week to 10 days. But we have to keep pushing the fact that the unvaccinated are the people that are at risk.”

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