‘GUHHATL’ Preview: Snoop Dogg & Bow Wow Have A Heart-To-Heart — Watch

Snoop Dogg offers some words of wisdom to Bow Wow in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 18 episode of ‘GUHHATL’ and Bow Wow takes everything Snoop says to heart.

Bow Wow, 32, pays his longtime mentor Snoop Dogg, 47,  a visit in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the all-new Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. The two shoot some hoops and talk about life. “When you become a grown man, you’re supposed to leave all your childish ways, you’re supposed to leave that in the past,” Snoop tells Bow Wow. “You could be great or you could be bad.”

Bow knows he can’t ignore what Snoop is saying. “You know, any time Snoop speaks, I listen,” Bow Wow continues. “No matter what he says. But you know when he mentions my daughter, everything kind of hits different. You know, he’s right. It’s time for me to stand tall, be a man, let go of the things that were turning me into the person the world knows that I’m not. So I’m controlling my temper. I’m not even really getting mad. I’m not getting upset, I’m not getting none of that anymore.”

Snoop advises his protege to practice being great and not having an attitude. He wants Bow Wow to be happy. Snoop says that Bow Wow needs to step up for his daughter. Snoop has so much faith in Bow Wow. He knows Bow has what it takes to succeed in life.

The logline for the July 18 episode reads: “JD throws a star-studded skate party including Usher and T-Boz. Snoop dishes out tough love on Bow, while Brat blows up on LisaRaye when bankruptcy pushes her to a breaking point. Waka warns Deb that Brandon needs to steer clear of the family or… else.” Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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