Harry is determined to be a complete contrast to other royal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot on may 19, 2018, so in the last five years of marriage, what kind of husband has Harry been? Body language expert Judi James gave her verdict to Express.co.uk.

Judi suggested that Harry has been a devoted husband who absolutely adores his wife and will do anything for her.

She stated: “Harry is tactile, protective and supportive. His idealised view of Meghan is constantly expressed in his words and his body language.”

The royal duo also have a lot in common: “Their lives are all about shared time and shared passions and causes.

“Harry is completely submerged in his campaigns for mental health and when his wife appeared to be suffering he seems to have been desperate to remove her from the situations he felt were causing it.”

The expert suggested that Harry wanted to be a different kind of partner to the one his father was.

He did not want to create a replica of his parents marriage, which broke down in 1992, finalised by divorce in 1996.

Judi explained: “Many of Harry’s behaviours and body language as a husband suggest he has been determined to create a complete contrast to the kind of partnering skills he saw from his father during his marriage to Diana.”

The expert also proposed that Harry’s personality altered when he met Meghan, and that his wife brought out a very genuine side to him.

She said: “The common opinion is that Harry changed when he met Meghan and that change appears to be ongoing.

“Once known as the party or playboy prince he switched to a man whose life revolves around his wife and children and who spends much of his working life promoting his causes.”

Harry and Meghan share son Archie, three, and daughter Lilibet – or ‘Lili’, one.

According to Judi change is typical of people who fall in love and enter serious relationships, but Harry’s change is more permanent than expected.

“Change is not uncommon when we fall in love as we can become desperate for approval and to form a complimentary ‘fit’ with the person we love but long-term change like Harry’s is quite rare,” she stated.

“Often a partner will morph back into who they were when they met, so perhaps Meghan brought out a more authentic side to Harry rather than cosmetic and temporary alterations.”

Harry is smitten with Meghan and her presence is absolutely integral to him, said the expert.

“His marriage seems equally need-driven and if anything Harry seems to need the presence of his wife the most.”

According to the expert, there is one particular quality of Meghan’s Harry seems to seek out.

“Although he is clearly protective and often in awe of Meghan he seems to need her more maternal presence in his life too.

“There was a scene in his Netflix documentary when he took a message from William on his phone and became openly distressed and his body language was like a small child needing affection and reassurance and of course Meghan got up to offer that with a cuddle.”

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