Heartland Experiences, Incentives Draw Productions to Kansas City

The American heartland experience in all its forms — big city life, small town charm and sweeping farm vistas — are all readily available to productions in Kansas City.

The Missouri city’s metropolitan area spills over into Kansas and features a wide range of location options. The largest farmers market in the Midwest bustles in the trendy River Market, while casino boats travel along the Missouri River and music wafts from the dimly lit jazz clubs of the Crossroads arts district.

Also providing sweet music to producers: A 10% rebate on qualified spending, with no per-project cap.

Filmmakers have flocked to Kansas City for nearly 100 years, and the city was home to Walt Disney’s original animation company, Laugh-O-Gram Studios. Atop a list of native filmmakers is Robert Altman, who gave the city a celluloid identity over many pictures, including 1996’s eponymous “Kansas City.”

Location in the 1970s to many low-budget and B-movies, the 1980s proved more auspicious with the filming in Kansas City of scenes for the controversial nuclear war TV movie “The Day After.”

Recent productions include reality TV series “Queer Eye,” Sundance feature “Crude Oil,” SXSW selection “The Jog,” “American Hangman” (2019), “All Creatures Here Below” (2018), “Different Flowers” (2017), “American Honey” (2016), pictured, “The Matchbreaker” (2016) and “Trust Fund” (2016).

Incentives programs are handled by the Kansas City Film Office and the Missouri Motion Media Association.

Information courtesy of the Production Incentives team at Entertainment Partners.

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