Heres How Beyoncé Earns And Spends Her $500 Million Fortune

Beyoncé is arguably one of the greatest performer of her generation. Through the course of her two decade long music career, she has achieved so much in her career. She has received so much recognition from different award giving bodies and even the most prestigious Grammys recognized her contributions to the music industry as she currently the most nominated woman in history with 79 nominations, and she’s won the prestigious award for 28 times.

With all the achievements in her career, it’s no surprise that the Love On Top singer is a lucrative investment for the music producers, brands for endorsements and concert producers. Take a look at how Beyoncé earns and spends her $500 million fortune.

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8 Earns: Tours and Shows



 It’s not an overstatement when one says Beyoncé earns hundreds of millions on a single tour because she literally earns hundreds of millions on a single tour. There’s no doubt that Beyoncé is one of the most sought after performer in the world and her shows are always sold out.Every time the former Destiny’s Child member goes on a tour, she earns millions from it. Forbes reported that from her Beyoncé’s On The Run II stadium 2018 tour alone, she earned about $5 million per night which brought about $250 million in her pocket. This is not the first time the singer earned so much from her tour, her Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour was the highest grossing tour for the year 2016 after earning about $256 million.

7 Spends: Real Estate Portfolio



6 Earns: Album and Single Sales



5 Spends: Exquisite Car Collection



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Beyoncé and her husband had an estimated $13 million worth of cars in their garage. One of the most expensive car in their collection is a 2010 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport that costs around $2 million. It was reported that Queen Bey gifted her beloved husband the Bugatti Veyron for his 41st birthday.Aside from the luxurious and unique Bugatti Veyron, the power couple also owns a 2004 Maybach Exelero that is estimated to be around $8 million. It is said to be one of the most expensive car in the world since it was only produced once globally.

4 Earns: Merchandises



 Beyoncé started an athleisure clothing line called Ivy Park in 2016. Beyoncé co-founded the clothing line with Sir Philip Green and they have fairly established their business successfully. Upon the debut of her first collection, they nearly sold out as soon as it hit the shelves of Topshop. It was reported that Ivy Park had a revenue of $5 million.The brand currently has an ongoing collaboration with Adidas since 2020 and they have earned millions since.

3 Spends: Charity Donations




2 Earns: Brand Endorsements And Deals




 Undeniably, having Beyoncé endorse a product will do wonders on sales. Suffice to say that numerous brands would want to have the singer-songwriter as their endorser. Queen Bey had a lot of endorsements through the years. One of the most lucrative endorsement deal was when she signed a $50 million contract with Pepsi in 2012.

1 Spends: Gifts To Loved Ones




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 Beyoncé is pretty expressive with her loved ones and what better way to express your love to the people you care about than to shower them with expensive gifts. One of the most frequent recipient of Beyoncé’s gift giving nature is her husband, Jay Z.It was revealed that Beyoncé gave Jay-Z a private jet worth $40 million for Father’s Day. It was the time when Blue Ivy Carter was just born and Beyoncé wanted to express her gratitude to the man of the house.

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