Hilarious snaps reveal how things went downhill after too many drinks

We’re never drinking again! Hilarious snaps reveal how things went downhill after one too many

  • The Fun Post rounded up photos from around the world of funny drunk people
  • One snap shows a man being delivered McDonald’s after ordering from Dominos
  • Another image captures a woman using her phone as a shoe after dropping it  

It’s possible to lose track of how many drinks you’ve had while enjoying a night out, but these viral photos will make you appreciate the friends that don’t capture any embarrassing moments on camera.

People from around the world have taken to social media to share snaps of hilarious drunken antics, with The Fun Post rounding up a selection of the best examples for an amusing gallery. 

Among the snaps is a woman pictured mistaking her phone for a shoe after dropping it on the floor and accidentally picking up her sandal instead. 

Another admitted that she’d apologised to a woman she bumped into in the bathroom, only to later realise that it was her own reflection in the mirror. 

The Fun Post has rounded up a selection of viral photos that show drunk people doing funny things – including a man kissing a face mask in a nightclub

Leave it to the chefs! A man, who lives in America, took to Snapchat to share the chaos his friend caused in their kitchen after trying to cook a meal at 3am 

Show must be joking! One photo shows a drunk woman, from the US, putting her foot on top of her cellphone after dropping it and accidentally picking up her sandal 

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Another person was left impressed after they requested a McDonald’s meal from Dominos Pizza and it was delivered 

Apology accepted! A woman, who lives in America, took to Twitter admitting that it once took her five minutes to realised that she had said ‘sorry’ to her own reflection 

One photo shows the distressing moment a man dropped his burrito on the floor after a long night of drinking alcohol 

Another snap captures the hilarious moment an intoxicated person woke up not knowing why one of their legs had been shaved 

Another amusing image shows a mother who drank too much wine lining up potatoes in order of their size in the family kitchen 

House party! A woman, who lives in America, took to Twitter revealing that she thought her home was another bar and showed her dad her ID at the front door 

One person was left in hysterics after their drunk roommate attached a slice of pizza to their bicycle to eat later 

Another photo shows the moment a man woke up to discover he had put pasta in his toaster after drinking too much the night before 

Getting legless! Revelers were amused after they discovered a prosthetic leg had been left outside the pub 

One woman was left in hysterics after a friend texted concern that she was at hospital without remembering it’s her workplace

Another man took to Snapchat claiming that his girlfriend adopted a cat after drinking too much alcohol 

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