Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Friday, May 27

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There’s a degree of change in the air and responsibilities are slowly increasing. You will handle these well. A rival is showing excess aggression and is deliberately causing problems for you. Show calm in the face of such open hostility. Others who are looking on will admire your self-restraint.


A close friend is being unusually stubborn over a matter you are dealing with jointly. Go out of your way to show some understanding. You don’t have to go along with their decisions in a blind fashion but if you show you are willing to listen, they will give you a chance to speak and eventually you will find a workable solution.


There are some matters that are causing confusion. You’re tempted to ask a friend for their views and opinions but this is not recommended. They are unlikely to see things through your eyes and this could cause further doubts. All you can do is consider your own needs and make decisions with these in mind.


A joint project is being hindered by communication problems within the team. You have put a lot of effort into this and you don’t want to feel you have been wasting your time. You can see how too many conflicts of interests and personalities lie at the root of this problem. You might come up with a workable solution.


Do your best to cultivate a relaxed and more easy-going approach to current events. There is tension in the air but news you are waiting for is likely to bring a strong sense of relief. You will not be much good for anything if you end up a nervous wreck. Take it one moment at a time.


A new friend or partner is showing a side to them you hadn’t realised was there. It won’t be easy to agree with or even understand their way of thinking. This might surprise you when up until now you have got on extremely well together.


It is not the time for taking risks as some people are prone to do. If you can’t persuade friends to be careful, at least be firm and let them know you will not get involved in their risky ideas. In all areas of life, aim to play it safe.


You’re in two minds about allowing a friend to have the final say in shared arrangements and you’re inclined to shrug your shoulders and let them have their own way. It would be in your best interests to let people realise you have a mind of your own.


You are restless and new possibilities you are considering now make you excitable. This can also cause you to be a little careless. If you aren’t putting your foot in it by saying the wrong thing, you could be a little clumsy. Calm down and pause before speaking and acting.


You’re tired of messy surroundings and you won’t be able to relax until you have cleared the clutter. You are ready to let go of things that no longer serve you. As a result your environment will feel tidier and more orderly. The happiness you feel inside will make your efficient efforts well worth it.


People who are careful and deliberate in their decision making will force you to work at a slower than desired pace. You’re inclined to fret and fume over this. Instead, try to relax and take this chance to approach your work in a less hectic and more easy going way.


A friend will apologise for having made some curt and nasty remarks recently. It won’t be easy for you to bite your tongue and retaliate but you know they are regretful. If you can accept their apology this will help towards securing a more harmonious and understanding relationship.

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