How Queen Elizabeth disposes of her old clothes including donations and secret sales

The Queen is known for her bold colour fashion choices. She’s often seen donning bright hats, with matching coat dresses, gloves and a string of pearls.

It’s safe to say this uniform of a coordinating suit and statement headwear has become Her Majesty’s signature style, and she seems to keep her look fresh by sporting it in every colour of the rainbow.

But when thinking about the Queen’s vast wardrobe, the question that we all may have wondered about is what does Queen Elizabeth do with all of her old clothes?

We doubt that the clothes worn by The Monarch are simply just dropped off at a clothing bin, or charity shop, so what actually happens to them – are they thrown away? Auctioned off?

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Well we’ve got the answer to what the longest reigning Sovereign actually does with the outfits she doesn’t wear anymore.

When the Queen grows tired of an outfit and she wants to get rid of it, she gives it to her dressers and they have two choices of what to do with it.

According to Brian Hoey’s book Not In Front of the Corgis, Her Majesty donates her old clothes to her dressers, who are then allowed to either wear it themselves or sell it.

That said, "if her dresser wishes to sell an item, she is not allowed to disclose any information about its former owner.

"All labels and any other evidence that might point to The Queen have to be removed so that no one can trace its origin."

The royal author added, "All of the labels found on the clothes and anything that could possibly identify it as having come from royalty are obliterated."

One time, one of the Queen’s garments ended up in a secondhand sale near Sandringham, but it failed to sell. If clothes could talk!

Unlike The Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Elizabeth rarely wears the same outfit twice, according to Elizabeth Holmes’ book, HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style, the Queen’s outfits are recorded, and repeats are purposely spaced out.

Of course we are not aware of what items the Queen chooses to let go of, some are never sold or donated.

But we can only imagine she has extra important and special garments that she has held onto for future exhibitions and showcases.

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