I had the offer of sex with a younger woman but could not perform – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: RECENTLY, I had the offer of sex with a younger woman but I could not perform.

I am 66 and divorced. I have not had sex for nearly 20 years but I still successfully masturbate regularly.

I got chatting to a woman in the swimming pool and she told me she was 42. She invited me back to hers for sex but, when it came to it, I could not stay hard enough to have sex, even using Viagra.

She willingly gave me oral sex but I feel I let her down. She invited me for a re-run but I am worried I will fail again.

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds like the pressure got to you. You hadn’t had sex for years and casual sex was not the best way to start again.

If you like this woman, tell her that you want to get to know her better first. Then when you do have sex, your chances of success will be much greater.

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